Pittsburgh Anthrocon

Pittsburgh's Premier Furry Convention Returns Downtown June 29-July 2, 2023

Pittsburgh is thrilled to welcome back Anthrocon to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center June 29-July 2, 2023 for Anthropolis: Our Furry City. One of the largest anthropomorphics (human-like animal characters) conventions in the world, thousands of attendees travel to Pittsburgh for this unique celebration that makes Downtown the most exciting place to be in the city.

Anthrocon’s Pittsburgh Legacy

Anthrocon is all about community, inviting anthropomorphics from across the country to meet up, discover something new and have a ton of fun together. The four-day convention, held in Pittsburgh since 2006, features everything from educational sessions on making a fursuit to escape rooms, dance parties, writing workshops and art shows.

The best part? Everyone is welcome to Anthrocon, even if you don't want to don a fursuit. With a massive art alley to explore, renowned DJs to dance to and parades and parties to join in, Anthrocon is a celebration for all of Pittsburgh to enjoy!

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Anthrocon 2023 Schedule Highlights

One of the best moments of Anthrocon is the Fursuit Parade, a world record-setting event where thousands of attendees walk from the David L. Lawrence Convention Center into the Cultural District. This year's parade will begin lining up at 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 1, and start at 2 p.m.

Back for 2023 is the Anthrocon Block Party! Penn Avenue will be shut down between 9th and 11th on July 2 for this outdoor event which lets Anthrocon attendees meet up with Pittsburgh businesses and the community. Plus, this event is free so anyone can walk over and join the Block Party fun.

The Gateway Clipper Fleet offers multiple Anthrocon RiverCruises. Take in the best sights of the city aboard their riverboats, passing under bridges, around the Point and through our iconic three rivers.

See the Anthrocon website for ticketing information and a full list of events.

Travel for Anthrocon 2023

Whether exploring Pittsburgh by boat, car, bike, bus or your own feet/paws/claws, see all of the ways to get around the city. Or, follow our helpful guides for the Pittsburgh International Airport, public transportation and local transportation services.

Anthrocon returns to Pittsburgh, PA. Credit: @KaitoRedTimbah

Join the Anthrocon Fun

You don't even need to go into the Convention Center to experience the fun of Anthrocon. Make it a daytrip and hang out on Penn Avenue for the best chance to see all the amazing fursuits created by attendees.

Check out some of the great restaurants near the Convention Center to make new Anthrocon friends. Popular spots include the mezzanine seating at August Henry's Burger Bar and outdoor seating at The Standard Market & Pint House, Nicky's Thai Kitchen and Bill's Burger Bar.

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Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA. Credit: @grumpyhikaru