Explore Black Culture & Heritage

Built by a rich history, Pittsburgh's cultural offerings and welcoming people make our vibrant city a must-see destination.

Pittsburgh welcomes all those who are seeking authentic, personalized experiences to discover the diversity of the city and celebrate what makes our 90 neighborhoods unique. When you take the time to walk Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods or enjoy one of the city’s many cultural festivals, you quickly learn that it is the people of Pittsburgh that truly make this a special place.

Black-owned Businesses

From restaurants and bars, to arts and culture, you won't want to miss these local favorites.

Jazz in Pittsburgh

Did you know that Pittsburgh had a profound influence on the American musical artform of jazz?

Juneteenth "Freedom Day" Celebrations

Join Pittsburgh and Allegheny County on June 18-20 for the Juneteenth "Freedom Days" Celebration at Mellon Park. This event is a Celebration of all Cities and Boroughs in Allegheny County featuring Black music genre and youth programs, celebrity softball games, food trucks and a Battle of the Bands presentation.

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