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LGBTQ Travel in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh celebrates the LGBTQ community.

From world-class performing arts, to the largest LGBTQ Pride celebration in Pennsylvania and the Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival, Pittsburgh offers a variety of activities and special events. Enjoy the powerful arts and culture scene, explore the abundance of history, art and museums, taste the wide variety of cuisine and libations and adventure through the music, sports and outdoor activities that abound. 

Pittsburgh Pride

For the health and safety of all staff, volunteers and attendees, the 2020 Pittsburgh Pride has been postponed to the fall of 2020. Please be sure to check back for updated information.

Pittsburgh Pride, which is the largest community festival in Pennsylvania that celebrates the diversity of the region specifically for the LGBTQ community and its allies.  It is the 4th largest special event in Pittsburgh and the largest LGBTQ Pride event in Pennsylvania with more than 250,000 attendees in years past.

Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival

The Pittsburgh Lesbian and Gay Film Society began in 1982 and serves the LGBTQ communities of Pittsburgh and the surrounding tri-state region. The annual Reel Q Film festival is held annually in October which provides a variety of programs, panels, parties, and various activities. Approximately 20 programs are presented during the festival.

LGBTQ Resources in Pittsburgh 

Pittsburgh welcomes the LGBTQ community and offers numerous resources for information, guidance and support. Organizations such as the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh, a non-profit advocacy LGBTQ organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life and visibility of the LGBTQ community and produces Pittsburgh Pride. They advocate for issues that affect and effect the LGBTQ community from healthcare to housing to transgender issues and holds events throughout the year to help create a strong LGBTQ community. 

The Pittsburgh Equality Center (PEC) provides gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals, their families and supporters in Western Pennsylvania with resources and opportunities to promote visibility, understanding, and equality within the LGBTQ communities and the community at large. 

Dreams of Hope – Queer Youth Arts offers LGBTQ youth a welcoming environment to grow in confidence, express themselves, and develop as leaders. Their creative contributions educate audiences, build awareness, and increase acceptance.

Find more LGBTQ resources from Allegheny County.