You can enjoy all four seasons in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is exciting in every season, no matter the weather. As a city with all four seasons, the 'Burgh has something special in store for those visiting in winter, spring, summer or fall. We've rounded up the best seasonal sights, events, eats for every time of year. Plus, tips for how to pack and what to enjoy when you're short on time.

If you like to ski and sled-ride, come in January and February. If your interests lean toward budding flowers and walks along the river, spring is for you. Love water sports and outdoor attractions? Then visit in the summer. Festivals, crisp air and football greet you in the fall and the holiday season in Pittsburgh is unmatched.

So, pack your bags and enjoy all the seasons in Pittsburgh! Be sure to bring your camera and share your photos using #LovePGH

Did you know?

You don't need the Weather Channel to know the forecast in Downtown Pittsburgh. You can tell just be looking up at the Gulf Tower!

The tower is an art-deco skyscraper, in the style of a mini-Empire State Building. The pyramid at the top illuminates colors at night according to weather conditions and can be seen for miles. If it's black and gold, you'll know that one of the city's pro sports teams just brought home a winner!

The tower's vibrant colors indicate temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind speed in Pittsburgh at that particular time. For a breakdown and color code, check out this guide from Pittsburgh's local news source, The Incline.

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