Farms & Farmers Markets

Pittsburgh Area Farmers' Markets and U-Pick Farms

Pittsburgh food has always been rooted in tradition and fresh off the farm. As a result, farmers' markets are a well established part of Pittsburgh culture. There are more farmers' markets and community gardens per capita in Pittsburgh than in most U.S. metropolitan areas. In season, you can find one just about every day of the week in different neighborhoods. Whether it's a church parking lot, a sidewalk stand, or a tent off the side of the road, these markets sell local farm fresh produce, eggs, cheese, homemade baked goods, jams and honey. Some farmers' markets even sell Amish-made wood furniture and rugs. For a complete list of Pittsburgh area farmers' markets and an interactive map of their locations, visit the interactive map and listing maintained by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

U-Pick Farms in Pittsburgh

If you want to get a little closer to your food, try harvesting your own produce at Pittsburgh area U-Pick Farms. You'll get some exercise as well as a great big bunch of fresh produce you picked yourself. Visiting a u-pick farm is a great family experience that is both fun and educational. There's something about harvesting your own food that makes you appreciate it more.  Many U-Pick farms also have on-site stores selling other ready-to-go products from their farm.

Community Supported Agriculture in Pittsburgh

Many Pittsburgh area residents enter in to a more formal agreement with local farmers to ensure their seasonal supply of farm fresh products; including farm fresh beef and other meats. This is a relatively new and growing trend called, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). These agreements, and the products offered, vary by farm and help local families enjoy a variety of farm fresh products while providing local farmers a profitable outlet for their harvest.