Insider's Guide: National Aviary

Insider's Guide: National Aviary

Enjoy immersive experiences with enhanced safety at the National Aviary!

Holidays at the National Aviary

Spend your holidays at the National Aviary! Continue the holiday season between Christmas and New Year’s Eve during Holiday Lights and Late Nights. Season's Greeting Saturdays spread the holiday cheer with opportunities to meet Santa and sing along some very bird-y holiday carols in the theatre while completing holiday crafts and hearing a festive story.

Immersive Experiences 

Meet majestic birds during a variety of immersive experiences available exclusively at the National Aviary. Freely explore the beautiful habitats, or meet signature species during engaging experiences included with admission, such as Wonderful Waterbirds and Tropical Rainforest Feeding, or for additional fees, experience the joy of feeding the Penguins, meet a Falcon or an Owl, or hang out with a Sloth. You also can watch the National Aviary’s dedicated team feed the birds, maintain habitats and provide veterinary care. 

Summer Programs at The National Aviary

Wonderful Waterbirds | Daily at 12 p.m, 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.
Get the chance to get closer than ever before to a colorful flamingo when you join a National Aviary expert in the Helen M. Schmidt FliteZone™ Theater. Then, go from the Atlantic Ocean to the Amazon River, where you can learn more about the importance of recycling with help from a vibrant Hyacinth Macaw. Included with admission

Tropical Rainforest Feeding | Daily at 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
The Tropical Rainforest is home to nearly 100 birds, and this crowd-pleasing, expert-led talk offers the chance to see species you may have never noticed before, like a Superb Starling, as well as known favorites, like the Victoria Crowned Pigeon. Watch as the birds fly down from the leafy tree canopy and land close by! You’ll also get the opportunity to see a flock of waddling waterfowl headed your way for their daily meals. Included with admission

African Penguin Expert Talk | Daily at 12:30 p.m.
Learn about one of the world’s most fascinating seabirds: the African Penguin. Join an expert to dive into all things African Penguin and find out how these birds are built for a life on the ocean. Discover how your choices can help penguins around the world as you explore biofacts like naturally shed feathers that provide waterproofing for penguins. Included with admission

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Interactive Play Available Daily |10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Dynamic Floor from Breeze Creative
Choose a background then watch and play as the floor beneath you becomes an interactive ocean playground. Children of all ages can jump, run, and wave as sea creatures and patterns on the floor adjusts to their movements.

Draw Alive from Breeze Creative
Get creative by drawing and coloring an ocean creature, then get ready to see your ideas swim off the page and onto a screen. Use unique scanning technology to watch your drawing come alive before your eyes!

Sensory Water Table in Condor Court
Splash, play, and learn at our interactive outdoor water table. Explore the world of water and aquatic animals by playing with interactive materials and natural elements like buckets, toys, and rocks.

Penguin Point Tunnel
Join the waddle and feel like you’re swimming alongside penguins in our newly redesigned immersive tunnel at Penguin Point featuring fun facts and trivia. Crawl through the tunnel, then pop up into one of our special viewing bubbles to see our colony from a nose-to-beak perspective!

Get Your Tickets in Advance

The National Aviary is open daily

Enjoy a visit to Pittsburgh's iconic bird zoo for immersive experiences with enhanced safety protocols. It is recommended for guests to pre-purchase tickets online.

National Aviary Traditional Members have access to a flock of great benefits including free general admission! Learn more about the perks of being a Member. NEW: you can also become a Virtual Member for just $40 a year.

As America’s premier bird zoo, the National Aviary is a must-see for every family this summer! Check out the National Aviary’s website for more information and to book your visit today. 

Enhance Safety Protocols 

The health and safety of the staff, guests, volunteers and animals is the top priority for the National Aviary. Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance! To learn about the National Aviary’s latest enhanced safety protocols, visit

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