Insider's Guide: Carnegie Science Center

Insider's Guide: Carnegie Science Center

Explore out-of-this-world fun at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Science Center!

Plan Your Visit 

Located on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, Carnegie Science Center is ready to welcome kids of all ages! All Visitors are strongly encouraged to purchase a timed ticket online in advance of their visit, as capacity limitations are currently in place. 

General admission to the Carnegie Science Center includes access to four floors of interactive exhibits (including the Mars: The Next Giant Leap exhibit), Highmark SportsWorks®, Buhl Planetarium Shows, live demonstration theater shows and the USS Requin submarine.

Visit the Carnegie Science Center for free all year long with a Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Membership! Various membership packages are available and provide access to all four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, including Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History and The Andy Warhol Museum, all year long. Members also receive special perks and discounts. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member

NOW OPEN - TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition

Oct. 21, 2023-April 15, 2024
Come aboard the Titanic in this immersive new exhibit full of authentic artifacts. When you arrive, you'll receive a boarding pass with an actual passenger's name and follow their recreated journey as you experience full-scale room recreations and incredible artifacts including perfume vials, passenger jewelry and more.

Mars: The Next Giant Leap

Explore the red planet, its relationship to earth and the space missions that will get us there at Mars: The Next Giant Leap, the newest exhibition at the Carnegie Science Center, and the largest since it opened in 1991. Guests will be able to:

  • Imagine a Martian dwelling and see how we can grow food and prioritize resources essential to our survival
  • Vote on the future of Mars and see how your decisions affect daily life for your colony
  • Imagine yourself in a space career and see how Pittsburgh could give you a start in the space industry
  • Address contemporary issues facing the Earth through hypothetical scenarios on Mars

Seven separate zones comprise the exhibit, allowing guests to enjoy the topics above through a View From Mars, setting up a Martian Garden, connecting Pittsburgh to our Mars destiny, and much more.

More Exhibits, Shows & Programs

Highmark SportsWorks®
Highmark SportsWorks® inspires learning and curiosity by highlighting the laws of science that control sports. Highmark SportsWorks® offers nearly 30 interactive experiences for every age level, including recording your baseball bat swing speed, learn the accuracy of your hockey shot, experience a wheelchair race, and more. 

Motion Lab turns practice into an experiment! Perform various sports-related activities while being recorded on a high-speed camera at about 200-250 frames per second. Then head to the playback station to review your motion and compare your results to a professional athlete’s.

Miniature Railroad & Village®
The Miniature Railroad & Village® captures iconic Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania landmarks, from Forbes Field to Fallingwater. The sights and sounds are endless on a short commute around wonderfully, realistic animated scenes. The adds new models and features every year.

Robot Walk of Fame
The first robots were creations of imagination rather than engineering. Through the one-of-a-kind Robot Walk of Fame, visitors can enjoy the fictional machines that sparked the creation of real robots. Robots include: Gort, Maria, The Iron Giant, HAL 9000, R2D2 and C-3PO, and the iconic Tom Servo and Crow.

USS Requin (SS 481)
Boarding the USS Requin (SS 481) Cold War submarine is truly an immersive experience! Tour the space that was once home to 80 men, who carved out a rough and adventurous life during USS Requin’s lengthy defense and scientific missions, some of which are still classified to this day.

Carnegie Science Center is located on the water where the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers become the Ohio River. These freshwater rivers are a precious resource that sustain amazing wildlife and are the water source for the region. H2Oh!, overlooking the Ohio River, provides insight into the importance of water conservation and provides a unique perspective on how water flows from the rivers to your kitchen sink.

Science comes to life right before your eyes on three live demonstration stages! From explosive reactions to the chemistry of cooking and the basics of biology, each program offers a unique and exciting science experience!

Buhl Planetarium
Fly to the Moon, soar to Saturn, gaze at the stars, and traverse distant galaxies, all during your trip to Pittsburgh! The newly renovated Buhl Planetarium offers a variety of music-themed laser shows and galactic shows in True-8K digital clarity on an immersive dome screen designed to delight, educate and inspire visitors of all ages!

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