Weird Pittsburgh

Weird Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh can be downright wacky and weird. Here's a few places to check out if you like offbeat destinations!

This spooky season, if you're looking to explore Pittsburgh's most mysterious, wacky or just plain odd we have you covered with this list. When the leaves change, and the weather cools it is the perfect time to visit any of these Pittsburgh attractions. 

Dr. Tumblety’s Apothecary and Tasting Lounge 

Step back in time to the Victorian and Prohibition eras at Dr. Tumblety’s specialty store. Located in Pittsburgh’s Allentown neighborhood, this retail shop features trinkets, hats, fragrances, cosmetics, novelties, curiosities and more. Follow Dr. Tumblety’s on Facebook and Instagram for updates on store and tasting lounge hours. Can’t make it in-person? Check out their online store for shipments right to your door. 

Gravity Hill

Located in McCandless Township right outside of Pittsburgh, there is a mysterious road that defies gravity. When you get to the top of Kummer Road, put your car in neutral and prepare to get spooked. Instead of your car rolling backward down the hill, your car will start to move forward up the hill. Is it gravity-defying or could there be other forces involved?

Blue Mist Road

While you're in the McCandless area exploring gravity hill, you can also stop by the haunted blue mist road. When the sun sets the road becomes shrouded in a blue mist that local lure says is paranormal. This road has a spooky tale, and you're sure to get an eerie feeling even driving by. 

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Western Penitentiary

An old state correctional facility sits at the end of one of Pittsburgh's many bike trails. You enter the trail from the North Shore, and if you make it all the way to the end, you'll find yourself upon the abandoned penitentiary. The facility was in use up to a couple of years ago before it eventually closed its doors. This building looks like it belongs in a horror film with the old guard towers and sharp pronged fences.

Trundle Manor

An attraction for the curious is in Pittsburgh's Swissvale neighborhood. Trundle Manor is a walk-through museum of the creepy and crawly. Schedule a tour to see the vast collection of creepy dolls, taxidermy animals, and much more. This manor was featured on MTV, and the owners are excited to welcome you into their home.

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St. Anthony's Chapel

Did you know that Pittsburgh is home to the second largest collection of relics just behind the Vatican itself? St. Anthony's chapel may look like an average church from the outside, but when you enter, you will be in the presence of over 5,000 holy relics. Whether you are a believer or not, the collection and history behind it are breathtaking.

Allegheny Cemetery Tour

If you're not easily spooked by a walk through a cemetery, the historic  Allegheny Cemetery walking tour is a must-see in Autumn. The beautiful grounds sit in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood. This cemetery is the largest and oldest in Pittsburgh, PA. You can schedule one of their guided tours online, or take a stroll yourself to take in the scenery.

Photo Credit: Allegheny Cemetery Facebook Page