Unexpected Arts

Unexpected Arts

Discover unique art venues in Pittsburgh, including The Andy Warhol Museum and Mattress Factory.

No visit to Pittsburgh is complete without a stop at The Andy Warhol Museum where Andy's 15 minutes of fame will never end. This must-see museum is the most comprehensive single-artist museum in the world, with a collection that chronicles the Pittsburgh native's rise to pop-art stardom.

Find art you can get into at the Mattress Factory, a museum of contemporary work with fascinating room-sized installations in a variety of media. After you've set aside time for The Andy Warhol Museum and the Mattress Factory, check out these quirky and funky art treats.

Plan your trip around the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's quarterly Gallery Crawls. Or, make time for these Cultural District galleries: Wood Street Galleries, SPACE, 943 Gallery and 707/709 Penn Gallery.

Tired? Take a seat on the eyeball-shaped benches by Louise Bourgeois in the Cultural District at the Agnes R. Katz Plaza where the 25-foot warm-water fountain operates year-round.

Don't miss the extremely unique, 19,000-square-foot Bayernhof Museum which houses a large collection of music boxes and other fascinating automatic musical instruments and other interesting items.

The I Made it Market is a nomadic, indie craft marketplace taking place in Pittsburgh's unique neighborhoods providing visibility to emerging and established artisans. The Market makes a community a destination for arts enthusiasts.

St. Anthony's Chapel, located on Troy Hill, houses 5,000 religious relics, the largest public collection in the world.

City of Asylum creates a thriving community for writers, readers and neighbors. It provides sanctuary to endangered literary writers and offer a broad range of community programs. The organization is working with the Pittsburgh Office of Public Art to commission works that will create connections between its community spaces on the North Side.

You've been to the museum dedicated to the prince of pop art, but have you visited his gravesite in Castle Shannon, just south of the city? Learn about Figment, a live feed project of Andy Warhol's grave.