Top Green Spaces and Public Parks in Pittsburgh

Top Green Spaces and Public Parks in Pittsburgh

Your guide to getting outside and enjoying green spaces and public parks in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh seasons are not very defined. Snow can fall in April, and a 90 degree scorcher before Memorial Day wouldn’t be out of the question. Native Pittsburghers have grown to accept that decent weather is hard to come by most of the year, and when we are graced with a beautiful day, you never know how long it’ll last. Whether you prefer hot weather, cold weather or some sort of in-between weather, one thing is for sure - when great weather strikes, everyone heads outdoors.

Pittsburgh has been known for many things over the decades, but its ability to offer a bigger city feel among some great outdoor spaces, ranks high on the list. From the suburbs to city, there is no shortage of places to enjoy the outdoors with your family. Check out the list below to find a park in your neck of the woods!

Frick Park: Point Breeze

Situated in the heart of the Point Breeze, Frick Park is known as Pittsburgh’s largest historical regional park. Originally 151 acres, the land was passed on to the city from Henry Clay Frick in 1919. The park officially opened in 1927 after more land was acquired. Now, at 644 acres, Frick Park is Pittsburgh's largest historic regional park. If you are an avid bird watcher, you can enjoy over 100 species of birds in the area. The park also features red clay tennis courts, baseball fields, a dog park, and the only public lawn bowling green in Pennsylvania.

Emerald View Park: Mount Washington Area

Born out of an effort to combine multiple park spaces on the Mount, Emerald Park was created in 2005. Known for the best place to view the city skyline, Emerald Park is made up of three historic spaces- Grandview, Olympia and Mt Washington. Find picnic areas, ball fields, playgrounds and the best view the city has to offer. It also has a growing hiking and walking trail system with over 10 miles of trails.

August Wilson Park – Hill District

One of the newest additions to Pittsburgh parks in 2016, August Wilson Park was revived and brought back to life by its own local residents. The park features art inspired by local kids and quotations from August Wilson himself. Among the unique view of the city, you can find pathways to walk and a playground.

Schenley Plaza/Park- Oakland

Now known as “Oakland’s Green Oasis”, but formerly a parking lot, Schenley Plaza is the Oakland hub for all walks of life. From entertainment programs, to free Wi-Fi, food kiosks and added security, Schenley Plaza attracts more and more visitors every year. Not far the plaza, you’ll find Schenley Park- 456 acres of trails, woods and attractions that are sure to entice anyone to escape the city for an afternoon. Whether you’re taking a dip in the pool or enjoying an afternoon with your dog, Scheneley Park is a one stop shop for all your outdoor adventures.

Highland Park: Highland Park

Home to Reservoir No. 1 and the Reservoir Loop, Highland Park is a runner’s favorite destination. Along with a scenic loop, Highland Park also has a bike trail, swimming pool and multiple sand volleyball courts. Among the biggest attractions in the area is the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium.