Art All Night 2023 in Pittsburgh

Art All Night 2023 in Pittsburgh

Local art. Live entertainment. No barriers. 100% Free.

Art All Night is an innovative Only in Pittsburgh event that brings hundreds of independent artists together for an uncensored art show that's fully operational for 22 hours! The best part? Art All Night is completely free!

When is Art All Night 2023?

The 26th annual Art All Night is happening April 29-30, 2023 at 31st Street Studios in the Strip District.

What is Art All Night? 

When I first heard about Art All Night, I was wary. A completely free art show without censorship seemed way too ambitious to live up to the hype. After attending the event for the first time in 2010, it has since become one of my must-do events in Pittsburgh every year!

One of the few fully uncensored art shows, Art All Night showcases an expansive variety of art. From traditional pieces and Pittsburgh photography to art created in front of your eyes at the event and interactive pieces, Art All Night pays homage to the past, present and future of artistic expression. 

Not limited to visual art, the show also features top-notch performing arts throughout the event. Previous events featured the works across mediums of more than 500 participants!

Not only is the art impressive, the venue also adds to the artistic, grassroots atmosphere. Art All Night has taken place in unique industrial and artistic backdrops at trendy neighborhoods around the city, and currently takes place at 31st Street Studios in the Strip. 

Even the weekend's production is unique. The event is fully produced by an all-volunteer committee and continues to grow each year. The Saturday morning of the event, an army of volunteers spend the hours before the event's start time arranging the art and getting the unique venues ready.

What to Expect at Art All Night

With the event fully operational for 22 hours, visitors may wonder when to arrive. If you want to get the full Art All Night experience and atmosphere, you'll want to go late on Saturday night, when the event is most active with the most visitors, bands, live art demonstrations and performing arts groups.

For families, the best time to attend is either Saturday between 4–8 p.m. or Sunday between 10 a.m.-2 p.m., as there are a variety of children's activities. While the show is uncensored, Art All Night does a great job of grouping sensitive subjects and nudity in one area, making it easy for parents to steer clear if they want to.

For a serene look at the art, visitors should go early Sunday morning, and before the brunch crowd gets active, when the event is at its quietest. This is the best time to bid on some of your favorite pieces and make sure you go home with your favorites!

What's the Vibe?

A huge reason I love Art All Night is because of how welcoming the event is from the artists on display to the atmosphere of the show for guests from start to finish.

From my most hipster days to now being a dad and bringing my son, I've always felt at home at Art All Night. There's no pretension at this art show. Everyone is dressed however they want to express themselves, kids are running around and everyone is there to have fun.

The art itself is displayed on long walls of strand wood in a giant, spacious warehouse setting. Incredible photographs will share walls with kids' paintings and pop art, and it takes a minimum of an hour or so just to see this part.

Throughout 31st Street Studios, stages will feature live music Saturday afternoon through early Sunday morning and different sections are set up specifically for live art demos, showing films and interactive adult and kids activities. It's easy to spend four or five hours here to really do and see everything.

While You're There

Make a weekend out of your visit to Art All Night! 31st Street Studios is located in the Strip District, one of the most happening neighborhoods in town, so your visit doesn't end with Art All Night. Venture into the Strip before your visit and enjoy dinner at DiAnoia's, drinks at Cinderlands and duckpin bowling at Coop De Ville.

Also nearby is the artsy Lawrenceville neighborhood. Explore the local shops along Butler St. and Penn Ave, try your retro bowling skills at the famous Arsenal Bowl, take in an art film at Row House Cinema or explore the beautifully history Allegheny Cemetery (it's so picturesque you won't even feel creepy for exploring the cemetery).

Need to recharge? Book a hotel now nearby and make your brunch plans now. From the crepes at President-approved Pamela's in the Strip to hipster hotspots like Walter's BBQ and The Abbey, there's a fantastic meal and stay around every corner.

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