What's Cool at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

What's Cool at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Museum of Natural History is one of the top must-see destinations in Pittsburgh.

On a visit to CMNH, you’ll find yourself roaming the halls exploring parts of the world and history you never thought possible in Pittsburgh, PA. It makes for a great afternoon for the whole family! Of course, we all have our favorite parts of the museum to browse for hours on end. 

Here are four can’t miss exhibits brought to you by the awesome personalities at CMNH.  


It’s a little-known fact that Pittsburgh loves its dinosaurs. In fact, finding all the hidden dinos in town is a fun game for visitors!  

CMNH is home to three original fossils of the most famous dinosaurs, which are on display in Dinosaurs in Their Time, as well as dozens of other original fossils from the Mesozoic Era. The paleontology team at CMNH is world-class, with new discoveries like Tratayenia rosalesi, a predator discovered in Patagonia, and Thanos... that’s right, Thanos: 

Fun Fact: Head paleontologist Matt Lamanna is a local celebrity and even guest starred on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  

Gems and Minerals 

One of the finest collections and displays of gems and minerals in the world can be found at CMNH. Exploring the Hillman Hall will dazzle the mind with more than 1,300 specimens from all over the world. The variety on color, shape, and texture is should to amaze.  

And don’t miss the Wertz Gallery of gems and jewelry, where you can see want all the natural specimens look like when crafted into some of the most beautiful jewelry you’ve ever seen.  

Find out more about gems and minerals of the world with CMNH’s Ask a Scientist Series: 

Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt 

Discover the mysteries of ancient Egypt in Walton Hall, featuring an ancient mummified cat and a funerary boat. This exhibit is unique to most others of its kind because it explores the everyday life of ancient Egyptian society. With so much to learn, and new discoveries every day, be sure to make a stop at Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt. 

Behind the Scenes Tours 

The good news is that the museum collection includes 10,000 items on display. The better news is that it includes 22 million items behind the scenes. The best news is that visitors can take behind the scenes tours

Check out the 13th largest collection of mollusks in North America on a Mollusk Tour, hosted by Tim Pearce, Head of the Section of Mollusks. Be sure to brush up on your mollusk humor first. 

Coming soon are ours of the Alcohol House, which houses more than 200,000 herpetological specimens. Find out more about the Alcohol House before tours start here: