Pittsburgh: A Craft Beverage Destination

Pittsburgh: A Craft Beverage Destination

Are you ready to explore the rich history and vibrant contemporary scene of imbibing in Pittsburgh? From savoring delicious wine at romantic date night spots to trying out the city's various craft beer styles, there's something for everyone in this city.

We'll guide you to the best places to go, from hidden gems to popular breweries, and introduce you to some friendly and knowledgeable staff who will help you find your perfect drink. 

We'll also delve into Pittsburgh's thriving sake culture, offering recommendations for the best bars and restaurants to try. So, come along on our journey and discover all that Pittsburgh has to offer in the world of imbibing.

Wine & Spirits

The earliest history of winemaking in Pittsburgh dates back to the 1700s when British settlers brought their grape vines to the region. But if you want something a little fresher, we recommend Black Dog Winery in Oakdale, right outside Pittsburgh. The winery, located at Hanky Farmhouse, is a great spot for date night. 

If you're looking to grab a bottle of this delicious wine within the city, we recommend taking a trip down to Pennsylvania Libations on Penn Avenue in the Strip District. Our go-to bottle is Black Dog’s Tipsy Turkey, a pumpkin spice wine that is a family favorite during the holiday season.

Craft Beer

The craft beer scene in Pittsburgh is vibrant and ever evolving. Local breweries have honed their craft and mastered a variety of styles, from sours and IPAs to lagers and stouts. No matter your taste, there is sure to be something for you in Pittsburgh's craft beer scene.

Two Frays Brewery is a must-visit brewery in Garfield. The beer is good, and the owners are incredible people; we are glad to call them friends. We love that they are community-driven and bring in art vendors, including tons of women-owned businesses, to their place. It's also a bonus that they are dog friendly! 

We know that friendly, welcoming staff can make all the difference in creating a good atmosphere in a brewery. The staff at Two Frays Brewery is knowledgeable about the types of beer they serve and are willing to answer any customer’s question while caring about the community. Two Frays Brewery now offers nonalcoholic beers year-round for those who want to imbibe differently.

The first pub in Pittsburgh is believed to be the Old Monongahela House, which was built in 1794. It was a popular spot for travelers and residents alike, offering lodging, food, beer and spirits. The pub was located in Downtown Pittsburgh before it was destroyed in a fire in 1854.

Thankfully, you do not have to go back to the 1800s to have a Bonafide good time in Pittsburgh today, as Bonafide Beer Co. is open now in the Strip District! We were so excited to spend some time there recently. The feel of the place gives off some speakeasy vibes with relaxing couches and chairs. You can also rent a private room to enjoy whiskey and the TV with a couple of friends. This will be the place to go in the Strip District for good whiskey drinks and great craft beer – brewed in-house.

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Sake, a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, is becoming increasingly popular in Pittsburgh. The city is home to several sake bars and restaurants offering various options to suit all tastes. Fujiya Ramen is a great place to try sake for the first time; plus, it serves our favorite bowl of ramen. Located on S. Aiken Avenue in Shadyside, we love their unique, fantastic sake selection, all of which can be easily sampled with sake flights. 

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Thank you for joining us on this journey through Pittsburgh’s vibrant world of craft beverages. We hope you've enjoyed discovering some of our favorite spots and learning about the city's rich history and contemporary scene. From romantic date night locations to hidden gem breweries and sake bars, there's something for everyone in this city. 

We hope you continue to explore and find your favorite places to imbibe in Pittsburgh. We look forward to sharing more of our favorite spots with you in the future. Cheers!

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