Long Dark Nights Pair with Great Dark Beers

Long Dark Nights Pair with Great Dark Beers

Pittsburgh's breweries won't leave you in the dark

Though warm weather may continue to grace the fall and early winter calendar on occasion, there is no getting around the shorter days and longer nights nature offers up at this time of year. 

Fortunately, Pittsburgh’s breweries won’t leave you in the dark, so to speak. In fact, most will be more than happy to serve you any number of dark ales or lagers that always seem to pair well with this season. 

If something on the sweeter side is your thing, Inner Groove Brewing in Verona and Allentown serves up the Dundas Maple Stout, with notes of chocolate and maple syrup. 

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Or, sip on Jen’s Vanilla Java Porter at Two Frays Brewery in Garfield. A twist on their year-round Jen’s Porter, this version of the traditional English-style ale is conditioned on, you guessed it, vanilla beans and coffee.

You can never go wrong with an Irish stout, either. Head to Back Alley Brewing in Dormont - one of Pittsburgh’s newest breweries - to try their take. 

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Want loads of hops with a dark malt base? Grist House Craft Brewery in Millvale has you covered. Hops of Darkness is a slappin’ 7.0 percent ABV Black IPA - or Cascadian Dark Ale - with roasted malt flavors and hints of citrus. 

Darker beers often offer that slight boozy warmth one may seek this time of year, and on that front look no further than Mindful Brewing in Castle Shannon (with locations in Carnegie and Bloomfield as well). The Rasputin Baltic Porter - and sister beers Peanut Butter Rasputin and Coffee Rasputin - tilt the scales at 9.0 percent ABV to help comfort you on those colder evenings. Mindful also serves an 8.0 percent ABV coconut sweet stout if you’re looking for something more tropical. 

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In German dunkel translates to dark. In the language of beer, however, it equates to smooth malty goodness. Find a Dunkel-style lager at Golden Age Beer in Homestead, Dancing Gnome in Sharpsburg or Sly Fox Brewing in the South Side or Downtown. 

Available November-January, Penn Brewery's Nut Roll Ale is their take on a holiday spiced ale. This semi-sweet, nut brown ale is spiced with cinnamon and vanilla and instantly transports you back into the nostalgia of grandma's kitchen.

Necromancer Brewing in the North Hills is celebrating the season of dark beers with its Schwarz Weizen (black wheat beer), Russian Imperial Stout, Black IPA and Dark Saison as long as supplies last. Each fall, look for their dark beer festival and costume party celebrating all the flavors that go 'bump' in the night with more than a dozen local breweries in attendance.

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Also keep a lookout for a host of Schwarzbiers (German dark lagers) that breweries typically put in the tanks around this time of year. The style has made a resurgence recently in Southwestern Pennsylvania. 

Have no fear if dark beer isn’t your thing. Plenty of other options are available across the Pittsburgh region. Visit pittsburghbreweries.com to learn more. 

Please drink responsibly. 

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