7 Creative Places to Have Your Pittsburgh Wedding

7 Creative Places to Have Your Pittsburgh Wedding

No matter what your personality, Pittsburgh has a unique wedding venue to match.

Do you turn up your nose at the idea of having your wedding at a reception hall? What about a hotel, church, or even the beach? If you think those places are cliche, you'll love these seven hip places that will pique your unique interests, wow your guests and bring out the originality of you and your partner.

Carrie Furnaces

Pittsburgh boasts a rich and fascinating industrial heritage. If you are looking for something rustic yet chic (think: steel, graffiti, and cathedral ceilings) consider a Carrie Furnaces Wedding. Carrie Furnaces used to be a blast furnace for making materials like iron back during the industrial age. It was built in 1884 and operated until 1978, then became a National Historic Landmark in 2006 for being one of the few pre-World War II blast furnaces to survive. Everything was preserved and made into a museum which is managed by a nonprofit. Aside from its rich history, what makes the site so special for a couple looking for some rust and is its Riverfront location. Carrie Furnaces is located along the northern side of the Monongahela River and offers a dichotomy of woodland and industry. You have several options for your ceremony such as the Central Courtyard, the industrial AC Powerhouse and other sites. Guests are also offered a tour of the venue making the day memorable for everyone.

view of Pittsburgh from West End Overlook

West End Overlook

If you and your fiance are looking for something simple, casual yet memorable, there's the West End Overlook - a small municipal park located in the Elliot neighborhood. But don't confuse this place for being plain. The highlight here is the stunning view of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers merging and the gorgeous view of Downtown Pittsburgh.

It's your choice to have the wedding in the day or close to sunset. "If you choose to have your wedding in the daytime, the spring will bring lush green flora and you will enjoy walking under the shaded trees. Having your wedding close to sunset will offer a glowing sky and sparkling view to follow," says veteran wedding photographer Ryan Zarichnak. There are no electrical outlets in the park so come prepared. But no matter which time of day you decide, the West End Overlook will amaze you and all of your guests.

Photo Credit: JP Diroll Photography

Roberto Clemente Bridge

The Roberto Clemente Bridge, also known as the 6th Street Bridge is a remarkable bright yellow bridge built in 1819 located on Pittsburgh's North Shore which crosses the Allegheny River. There is plenty of space for as many people you wish to invite and many different options for decor. If you really want to stand out from the rest, this is great spot to declare your originality as it’s not very popular.

Photo Credit: Michael Will Photographers

New Hazlett Theater

If you and your partner have an appreciation for the arts and you are also looking to have your wedding inside a beautiful historical landmark with great space and creative ambiance, The New Hazlett Theater will inspire creativity. The theater was built in 1889, then renovated in 1999 to be transformed into a new theater that supports community artists. Their main stage is available as a reception area which seats over 300 guests. This venue provides an industrial feel that is both elegant and vibrant. Check out their Rental Inquiry page on their website to learn more.

Photo Credit: Aaron Varga Photography

The Mattress Factory

The Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh is contemporary art museum featuring exhibits created by artists from around the world. Located in the Mexican War Streets neighborhood in the Central Northside the museum has been around since 1977. You can choose to have your celebration in any of their event areas and let guests browse around to appreciate the exhibitions. Check out this lovely wedding video from a couple who were married there. 

Andy Warhol Museum

You and your guests will be stunned by the architecture of this building - in and out. The building used to be an industrial warehouse and was later renovated to be a museum so expect high ceilings, white brick walls, in this modern and elegant venue. The Andy Warhol Museum is named after artist Andy Warhol and houses the largest collection of his art. The museum offers everything from furniture, audio visual, staff, and they even have a catering company that works with you on creating a custom menu. Two spacious areas are available depending on the number of guests. It's definitely worth considering a Warhol Museum Wedding like this.

David L. Lawrence Convention Center (Rooftop)

The David L. Lawrence Convention Center is a modernly designed building located in Downtown Pittsburgh as is mostly known for its cutting-edge technology, huge conferences and exhibitions of many sorts. Although space for wedding receptions are available for rent inside the building, this venue also offers a rooftop option for couples interested in changing things up. The rooftop overlooks the city skyline and Allegheny River. All of the amenities you can imagine are offered here. More info about planning your wedding is available on their website.

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