Must-See Pittsburgh Views

Due to the fact that Pittsburgh's setting straddles multiple river valleys, the hills surrounding the city enable you to get some excellent city views.

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Dave DiCello

Mt. Washington

Point State Park

West End Overlook

Cathedral of Learning

Cathedral of Learning and Oakland

Schenley Park

Oakland's Schenley Park

​View from the Trails

The City's Bicycling and Walking Trails

Troy Hill

View from Herrs Island

Herr's Island Overlook

View from the Southside Flats
View from the Train Station

The Smithfield Street Bridge

View from the Smithfield St. Bridge
View from the Strip District

Strip District and Lower Lawrenceville

View down Smallman Street
Doughboy Square
View from the Allegheny River Walk

Allegheny River Walk and Allegheny Landing Park

View from Mr. Rogers Statue

North Shore - Mr. Rogers Monument

Mr. Rogers Watching Over Pittsburgh

Hot Metal Bridge

Duquesne Incline Station

Grandview Park

Downtown...All Over

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