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Once an industrial hub, to now a leader in the green building movement, there is much to see and learn about Pittsburgh's architecture.

Some of the most beautiful architecture in the nation can be found in the Pittsburgh region. The churches, mansions, theatersskyscrapers and other historic buildings show the brilliance of architects of yesterday and today.

Pittsburgh's history, from military outpost to industrial giant, shows in many of its historic structures. The three rivers and rolling hills provide a beautiful backdrop to the work of such architects as Frank Lloyd Wright, Henry Hobson Richardson and Philip Johnson. Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture dots the surrounding area and is a must-see. Fallingwater, a feat of architectural genius, is right in Pittsburgh's backyard. Fallingwater is just one of several Frank lloyd Wright works named to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Pittsburgh is home to more than 30 green-certified buildings, including the first green college residence hall, convention center and the Center for Sustainable Landscapes, a Living Building. Pittsburgh is creating better-performing green products and building technologies for a greener future.

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