Pittsburgh Glass Center

  • 5472 Penn Ave.
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15206
  • Phone: 412-365-2145
  • Fax: 412-365-2140
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Pittsburgh Glass Center is a nonprofit, public-access education center; an art gallery; a state-of-the-art glass studio; a community builder; and a hub for innovation and creativity.

Anyone can take classes, explore the gallery, and watch glass demonstrations. World-renowned glass artists come to create and teach. You can too!

PGC is the largest arts organization on Penn Avenue in the East End. PGC fuels a thriving glass art ecosystem of people, facilities, and innovative programming that shape our region’s creative economy. We seek to amaze, educate, and inspire, as well as demonstrate the power of the arts to transform a city.

  • Floors 1 & 2

    Occupancy: 100 - 300
    Area: 0

    Configuration Capacity
    Theater 100.00
    Reception 300.00

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  • Employee Health Screening
  • Encouraged use of Masks by Guests
  • Enhanced Cleaning/Disinfecting Procedures
  • Mandatory Mask Usage by Employees
  • Sanitization Stations