Grand Concourse/Gandy Dancer Saloon

  • 100 W. Station Square Dr.
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15219
  • Phone: 412-261-1717
  • Fax: 412-261-6041
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Housed in the beautifully preserved Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Station, the Grand Concourse restaurant at Station Square is a true testament of grandeur and elegant dining. With a cathedral stained-glass vaulted ceiling, marble columns, and a dramatic staircase, guests are quickly transported to the glamorous side of the Progressive Era with the luxury of a modern day menu. Our award-winning seafood restaurant boasts a fine selection of our signature seafood dinner specials, tender steaks, poultry, and on Sundays, the best brunch in Pittsburgh.

Nestled comfortably on the riverfront and overlooking downtown, Grand Concourse at Station Square will outshine any restaurant near you—and any seafood restaurant Pittsburgh has to offer. Come join us for the most memorable dining experience around.

  • Board Room

    Occupancy: 60 - 60
    Area: 0 feet

    Configuration Capacity
    Banquet 60.00
  • Entire Facilitiy

    Occupancy: 90 - 900
    Area: 35,000 feet

    Configuration Capacity
    Theater 90.00
    Banquet 600.00
    Reception 900.00
  • Ladies Waiting Room

    Occupancy: 85 - 85
    Area: 0 feet

    Configuration Capacity
    Banquet 85.00
  • Main Dining Room

    Occupancy: 200 - 200
    Area: 0 feet

    Configuration Capacity
    Banquet 200.00
  • River Room

    Occupancy: 150 - 150
    Area: 0 feet

    Configuration Capacity
    Banquet 150.00