Garfield - Neighborhood

  • 113 N. Pacific Ave.
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15224
  • Phone: 412-441-6950
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Welcome to Garfield, home to the Penn Ave Arts & Commercial District, the best arts district in Pittsburgh!
Experience shopping, dining, art or take in a walk along the Garfield Greenzone!

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Art Galleries

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David B.
Unblurred is a monthly gallery crawl along Penn Avenue. There's lots to see and experience, there are gallery openings, live music, glass blowing...

Karla D.
Unblurred is an art extravaganza that happens once a month (first Friday) in the Garfield section of the city. This crawl is hosted by a variety of artists...

Greg B.
Participated in the unblurred show last night. If you haven't been, it's a 'first Friday' art event on Penn Avenue in the Garfield/Bloomfield neighborhood....