Free Pittsburgh Walking Tours
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You decide the price on our Pittsburgh walking tours. Learn about the city's fascinating history as well as some interesting facts from an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide.

Explore the fascinating streets and buildings of Pittsburgh while learning how it came to be known as the “Steel City.”

Learn about legendary Pittsburghers like Andrew Carnegie and Henry J. Heinz.

See how the Pittsburgh Renaissance turned Pittsburgh from a smoky, industrial city into “America’s Most Livable City.”

Some of what you'll discover on the tour:

- Oldest building in western Pennsylvania
- Old Allegheny County Jail
- Skinniest building in America
- PPG Place
- America's first modern movie theater
- U.S. Steel Tower
- World's first all aluminum building

Tour duration: ~90 minutes

Private tours available by request

Rated 5 stars on TripAdvisor and Google.

How it Works

1. Reserve your space online or by phone for free.

2. Immediately receive an email with the meeting point, parking information and other details.

3. At the end of your tour, you can name your own price. Your guide will collect any payment.

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