Steelers Nation, Here We Go!

Steelers Nation, Here We Go!

Let's celebrate the Pittsburgh Steelers – here and around the world.

Bringing home win after win, the Pittsburgh Steelers are one the city’s greatest ambassadors. Join the excitement of Steelers Nation by visiting the Immaculate Reception Monument on the North Shore, explore the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum at the Heinz History Center and order the almost-famous Primanti Bros. sandwich for an authentic taste of Pittsburgh as you watch.

Read on for recommendations on how you can celebrate your love for everything Steelers no matter when you visit!


A trip to Pittsburgh to celebrate the Steelers is incomplete without stopping at historic landmarks for photo ops! Here are a few important and stunning stops we suggest you take: 

Steelers Hall of Honor Museum

Relive 90 years of Steelers history at this incredible interactive experience right at Acrisure Stadium. Opened in 2022, the Steelers Hall of Honor gives fans a one-of-a-kind look at the team. Diehard fans, families and general visitors will all find something new from the 50+ Hall of Honor inductees to calling your own play in the announce booth and more high energy fun as they learn about the team, the players, the coaches and the moments that define them.

The Immaculate Reception 

On Dec. 23, 1972, the Pittsburgh Steelers played their first playoff game in franchise history against the Oakland Raiders. Just as the clock ran out, fullback Franco Harris scooped up the ball and ran for a touchdown that will forever be known as the Immaculate Reception. You can visit the memorial of this historic play in the exact spot where it happened on the site of the old Three Rivers Stadium near Acrisure Stadium.

BONUS: If you’re flying into Pittsburgh International Airport, be sure to check out the Franco Harris Immaculate Reception statue for the perfect Pittsburgh photo op, now located in the Landside Terminal (no ticket needed).

Take a Photo with The Chief

True Steelers fans know that a trip to Pittsburgh wouldn’t be complete without stopping for a photo with Steelers founder, Art Rooney, Sr. The Chief watches over Acrisure Stadium as a bronze statue holding his trademark cigar and has plenty of room for photos!

Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum at Heinz History Center 

Discover the history behind the Steelers dynasty at the Heinz History Center! Holding the title of Pennsylvania’s largest History Museum, the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum is located on the Heinz History Center’s second and third floors, celebrating Western Pennsylvania’s unsurpassed sports legacy.

Do you know what a hypercycloid is? If you know the Steelers logo, you do! Read more about the history of the Steelers logo as documented by the American Iron and Steel Institute.


Stock up on Pittsburgh Steelers gear and memorabilia while you’re in the city! We are a town that bleeds black and gold, and you can find that in almost any apparel shop. 

Steelers Pro Shop at Acrisure Stadium

Located at the northeast section of Acrisure Stadium near Gate B and open seven days a week from 11 a.m.-5 p.m., you can find exclusive merchandise and an expansive apparel assortment for men, women and children. The store features the largest Terrible Towel presentation along with custom jersey printing, authentic game-used memorabilia and a large offering of Steelers collectibles and gifts. 

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Steelers

Do You Know the history of the luckiest towel in sports? Learn about The Terrible Towel and how it continues to support local Pittsburghers.

The Strip District 

Lining Smallman Street and Penn Avenue is Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District. Stop by any weekend morning and find the streets lined with shops and vendors eager to help you don the black and gold. From the ultimate Pittsburgh apparel at Yinzers in the Burgh, PGH Sports and Black and Gold Forever to fruits, veggies, flowers, jewelry and more – you are sure to find what you are looking for in the Strip District.  

Bonus: Stop in at the original Primanti Bros. and enjoy a Primanti’s sandwich. Piled high with meat, cheese, french fries and slaw, the “Almost Famous Sandwiches” are a staple to Pittsburgh. And while there, snap a selfie with the mural wall and Steelers players from now and then. 


Feeling thrifty? Zed’s in the Southside offers thrifted and new items including retro Steelers gear. Find classic shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more at this unique shop that always has something new on the rack.

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Game Day Bars

One of the best sports cities in the nation also has great sports bars to watch the big game!

Hall of Famers

A look at the City of Champions' recent honors with Hall of Fame enshrinements and retired numbers.


Here are some of our favorite Steelers facts for your next trivia night:

  • Created by Steelers radio broadcaster, Myron Cope in 1975, the Terrible Towel is easily one of the most recognized symbols in the NFL and waving it during games has become a revered tradition. Steelers Tip: The Towel is for waving or decorating, not for drying your hands or using for any other towel-like purpose, which is believed to bring back luck.
  • Sometime during the fourth quarter before a big play or series, the song Renegade by Styx resonates throughout Heinz Field. Playing the song is a tradition that's equally important for fans as it is for players and represents Pittsburgh's defensive strength in the fourth quarter. The tradition dates back to a 2002 comeback win against the Cleveland Browns.
  • Make sure to visit the FedEx Great Hall inside Heinz Field; it's basically a shrine to the greatest moments in football history with Super Bowl trophies, jerseys, rings and more on display.
  • In Pittsburgh, Big Ben was our 2x Super Bowl-winning quarterback, not a clock.
  • Steelers aren't just inventive in their get-up, we also like to give incredible moments in football nicknames like The Immaculate Reception, The Steel Curtain, and, most recently in honor of six Super Bowl Championships, Sixburgh.
  • While it's widely known that the Steelers are named for Pittsburgh's rich steel history, few recognize the meaning behind the logo. Each of the hypocycloids represent one of the three materials used to make steel. Yellow represents coal, red is for iron ore, and steel scrape is illustrated with blue. 
  • During games, you'll hear fans chanting "Here We Go, Steelers!" While it seems like a simple chant, there's some history behind this one too. Here We Go, originally written by Rodger Wood and recorded in 1994, was and still is intended as a Steelers fight song. Having sold more than 120,000 copies of the original, Here We Go is now regularly updated to mention current players' names and has become an anthem for the team during playoffs.
  • Whether you're visiting for a game or just happen to be around the city during football season, you're sure to enjoy the unique Steelers atmosphere. To get a full taste of the football culture here in the 'Burgh, I encourage you head to Heinz Field for a game or at least visit Stage AE for a free tailgate open before, during, and after home games. Plus, you can sign up for Steelers Nation Unite to earn exclusive rewards near and far from Pittsburgh.

Here We Go Steelers!