Keep on Rockin' at The Oaklander Recording Studio

Keep on Rockin' at The Oaklander Recording Studio

Write Your Own Story One Note at a Time

Louis Armstrong. Duke Ellington. Buddy Holly. Dionne Warwick. Public Enemy. The Ramones. These are just some of the names that graced the stage of the Syria Mosque in Oakland, a prominent music venue for 80 years. Part of the lot where this building once stood is now occupied by The Oaklander, a relaxed luxury hotel that hasn't forgotten the importance of it's location.

Recognizing the significance of the Syria Mosque and live music to the neighborhood, The Oaklander has transformed into a space where music is both created and enjoyed through a built-in recording studio for guests and locals alike. The In Use sign is lit, so let's head into the Rock 'n' Oak studio and explore this innovative new amenity you can find only in Pittsburgh.

Go Live in the Rock 'n' Oak Recording Studio

Nothing brings people together like music. The Oaklander fosters that connectivity with their on-site recording studio, available complimentary to all hotel guests. Simply book your session at least 24 hours in advance and you can drop in for a live recording! Their expert staff will help you live like a rockstar for an afternoon as you lay down your track and have the finished product delivered to you via email.

Not a guest? No problem. Local musicians are also invited to utilize this space for an hourly fee and record in the same place that some of the world's most talented musicians once performed at the bygone music venue. 

Additionally, keep an eye on The Oaklander's calendar, as local bands can often be found performing at open mic nights on the 10th floor restaurant, Spirits & Tales, to keep the music flowing on select dates each month.

Put Your Performance to Vinyl

Yeah, you read that right. For the ultimate guest experience, you can even take home your recording from Rock 'n' Oak on a custom 12" vinyl. This statement piece is not only a unique way to showcase your music but can also be used to make a one-of-a-kind gift for a friend or loved one. Inquire from The Oaklander directly for more info on crafting this unique memento.

A Musical History

The more you look into the history of Syria Mosque, the more you can appreciate the ways The Oaklander is keeping music at the forefront in this vitally important neighborhood. If you want to dig deeper, I think a great place to start is the Allman Brothers Band release Syria Mosque, recorded Jan. 17, 1971, at this iconic venue. Because this recording was taken right from the band's soundboard, it gives you high fidelity insight into the not only the band's performance but the crowd and acoustics of the venue itself.

Pittsburgh also has a rich jazz legacy, and is known as the birthplace of be bop. Christina Aguilera, Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa all hail from Pittsburgh on their way to the top of the charts. Are you the next part of the story of Pittsburgh's rich music scene? Find out with your Rock 'n' Oak studio session.

Book Your Session

Ready to hit record? Book your stay today with The Oaklander, and be sure to let the staff know your preferences on when you want to record at Rock 'n' Oak. Outside musicians and locals not staying at The Oaklander can reach out directly to set up studio time.

Thanks to The Oaklander for sponsoring this post