Holiday Cheer at Carnegie Museum of Natural History (and online)

Holiday Cheer at Carnegie Museum of Natural History (and online)

Shed the stresses of 2020 and get into the holiday spirit with Dippy!

Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s hearty line-up of holiday activities will keep visitors of all ages safely entertained from now until the New Year.

Enjoy 650,000 Square Feet of Safe Exploring

Visitor health and safety is top priority at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and they are taking a multi-faceted approach to COVID-19 prevention. To ensure the well-being of all guests and staff, the museum has limited admissions through timed ticketing to guarantee that the number of visitors will never exceed 10% of building capacity at any given time. All visitors age 3 years and over are required to wear masks over the nose and mouth, temperatures are being checked upon arrival, and social distancing of at least six feet is required. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the museum. 

Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History encompass 15 acres, or about 650,000 square feet. With the precautions listed above and updated signage for visitor flow, each group should be able to maintain a 30-foot or more radius of empty space around them, well over the recommended six feet!

On top of that, the museum has massive air handlers that pull the air through HEPA filters to remove viral, bacterial, and dust particles. The museum contains about 14,000,000 cubic feet of air space or about 30,000 cubic feet of air per person. The facilities team has also increased the amount of outdoor air introduced into all ventilated areas by up to 15%, which further improves ventilation. 

Celebrate Holidays Around the World Right Here in Pittsburgh

Family favorite Super Science Saturday: Holidays Around the World returns to the museum on December 19 from noon–4 p.m. Kids can complete a holiday scavenger hunt and learn about cultural traditions with museum artifacts. Start the celebration from home beginning December 14 with free online activities.  

Visit Sven the Reindeer

Sven the Reindeer arrived at the museum on November 25. Pay him a visit to learn about migration in the arctic and write him a letter to encourage him on his holiday journey. While you’re in Discovery Basecamp, check out new interactive exhibits to explore the world of mollusks and learn to fly, buzz, and dance like a honey bee. 

Sensory Friendly Hours

Families who need a quieter, more controlled museum experience can enjoy holiday offerings during Sensory Friendly Hours from 8:30–10:00 a.m. on  December 26 and 27. December 26 features kid-friendly holiday games from around the world and the opportunity to learn about cultural traditions from museum experts.  

See World Premiere Exhibition Dinosaur Armor

It may not be holiday-themed, but Dinosaur Armor is too impressive to skip. The new exhibition immerses visitors in the evolutionary development of body armor, from shells, the earliest body armor, to the combative bony tail club of Akainacephalus, and beyond. There’s no offense like a good defense!

Wrap Up Your Holiday Shopping

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History store is chock-full of one-of-a-kind gifts for dinosaur lovers, science nerds, and kids of all ages. And it’s now online so you can shop from the comfort of home! 

Don’t miss the brand-new line of t-shirts and hoodies featuring museum favorites Dippy the dinosaur, Camarasaurus, and mollusk curator Tim Pearce. Designed in collaboration with Pittsburgh businesses Commonwealth Press and Pfaltzgraphic, these items make excellent gifts for anyone who loves Pittsburgh. 

This blog post is sponsored by Carnegie Museum of Natural History.