Eat Out and Stay #Healthy in Pittsburgh

Eat Out and Stay #Healthy in Pittsburgh

Here’s what to eat in a whole day if you are eating out in Pittsburgh while staying #healthy.

Treating yourself to a meal out in Pittsburgh leaves you happy and satisfied with all the amazing food options, but do you know there are delicious and nutritious options for those who are on diet restrictions or just eating healthy? Pittsburgh has vegan and vegetarian options, gluten-free bakeries, juice bars, and more. 

Explore Pittsburgh through it’s healthy food options next time you treat yourself to a meal out. Trust us, you won't miss the french fries!



Fl. 2 is the newest restaurant in the Fairmont Pittsburgh hotel located Downtown. Fl. 2 has so many healthy breakfast options to choose from! Their newest addition to the menu is a coconut chia parfait topped with mango. For a #healthy choice, opt for eggs cooked without oil (like poached) and order a side of fresh fruit. Skip the pancakes and cocktails and try the coconut chia yogurt parfait instead!



The Porch at Schenley Plaza in Oakland focuses on two things: food that is fresh and food that is local. You may know them for their delicious pizzas but there are also many healthy options to choose from including various salads and seafood options. They also have ice cold infused water to have instead of soda or a cocktail. A #healthy lunch here could consist of one of their seasonal loaded salads, topped with pulled chicken or seafood for protein.



Apteka is a trendy vegan spot in Lawrenceville focusing on one of Pittsburgh’s favorite food groups: Polish foods! Vegan food doesn’t contain meat or dairy making it rich in vegetables, beans, and nuts(healthy, healthy, healthy!). The menu reminds you of home and even if you’re a meat-eater, you’ll crave their homemade pierogies and stuffed cabbage until you get a chance to come back. A #healthy dinner option from Apteka would be their homemade soup as an appetizer, followed by their stuffed cabbage!

Whether you are just watching what you eat, or if you have food sensitivities, you can eat #healthy in Pittsburgh for any meal.