A Pittsburgher's Take on Pittsburgh: Dr. Rahmon Hart, Sr.

Affordability and accessibility. Two qualities Pittsburgh-native Dr. Rahmon Hart, Sr., looks for in destinations when planning a trip. And, in his opinion, two reasons why Pittsburgh makes the ideal location for business events and meetings.

1. For those who want to learn more about Pittsburgh’s rich history but have never visited the city, what are some “must sees” they should include in their itineraries?

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Joey Kennedy

2. What do you think is a strength of the Pittsburgh community?

3. When you are traveling, what do you look for in other destinations?

4. Why should businesses and groups consider Pittsburgh for their next meeting or event?

5. Why is Pittsburgh a great fit for a future Omega Psi Phi meeting?

6. Where do you enjoy visiting in Pittsburgh for a moment of clarity and peace?

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