Technology in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh forges a new future, remaking an iconic steel town into a modern innovation factory.

Pittsburgh Is Reinventing itself as an Innovation Hub

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Pittsburgh has undergone a dramatic environmental transformation and technological makeover.. Pittsburgh ranks among the top cities in the United States for green certified building space and is named a top “NextTech” city. Once a center for the production of steel, iron and glass, Pittsburgh is now an advancing leader in medicine, education, health care, robotics, software engineering and high-tech industries. In fact, the Pittsburgh tech sector generated $22B in the last decade according to some reports. More than $687M was invested in Pittsburgh tech companies in 2017 alone.


Ascender is a hub for Pittsburgh’s starters and builders, providing programming, insight and connectivity.

Innovation Works

Innovation Works is the largest seed stage investor in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region, and one of the most active in the country.

Pittsburgh Tech Tourism: How to Enjoy Pittsburgh’s Tech Scene

Pittsburgh has grown into a premiere technology hub, incorporating innovative and high-tech experiences for visitors. Take a trip to the National Aviary and "fly like a bird in New York City" at the Birdly Exhibit, a hands-on flight simulation experience. Visit the Carnegie Science Center's Roboworld, the world's largest permanent robotics exhibition, and the Fab Lab, a digital fabrication laboratory for innovation and invention, for a unique and educational spin on technology. 

It is possible that a visitor can experience the city's tech scene just by walking down the street. Pittsburgh is a leader in the development of self-driving cars from Uber and Argo AI that regularly roam the roads. If you're lucky, your next Uber ride in Pittsburgh might be in an autonomous car! 

Explore the science and history of a real Cold War-era Submarine. Go behind the scenes of the USS Requin SS 481 Submarine and take a tech tour into areas rarely seen by the visiting public. See how these amazing vessels and their crew faced life underwater. Explore unrestored compartments, see the conning tower, and check out the periscope. Schedule your visit today!

Coming soon to the Children's Museum is museumlab™, a place where youth eight and older can work with makers to create everything from furniture to apps, experiment with cutting edge technology in the creation of art, climb three stories on a unique sculpture, collaborate on one-of-a-kind art installations and more!

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If you're visiting the Carnegie Museums, whip out your phone and cue up your Facebook Messenger app. The new " Andy CarnegieBot" can be your technological guide to the  museums and provides you with simulated conversation, trivia, a scavenger hunt, and event reminders.

Explore Pittsburgh's history of innovation at the Duquesne Incline, the oldest running funicular in the United States. Visitors are able to see the machine room and observe the original hoisting equipment from 1877 that is still in operation today. If that's not enough, the top of the Incline presents you with Pittsburgh's most iconic, must-see view of the city!

Pittsburgh's universities are making sure we stay a city to watch when it comes to experiencing technology. The University of Pittsburgh's Innovation Institute serves as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship by encouraging and supporting new discoveries in the industry. The brainpower coming from Carnegie Mellon University has kickstarted a variety of brilliant tech projects, including the Roboceptionist at the university's Newell-Simon Hall. 

Pittsburgh Gets a Tech Makeover

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Education's Role in Pittsburgh's Technology Scene

Carnegie Mellon University: Home to the first emoticon in 1982, CMU is recognized as one of the first computer science programs in the world and continues to rank as one of the top. The university is known to collaborate with companies such as Apple, Intel, Caterpillar and Disney, helping to expand technology ties in Pittsburgh. CMU also houses Tank LeFleur, the Roboceptionist, a receptionist robot that provides information and directions to visitors and students. 

University of Pittsburgh: Established in 2013, the University of Pittsburgh launched the Innovation Institute, a hub innovation and entrepreneurship. The Innovation Institute provides various services for Pitt Innovators including protecting intellectual property, commercializing new discoveries, educational programming and mentoring, and more.

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Pittsburgh's History of Innovation

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