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Football in Pittsburgh

You can't walk down a Pittsburgh street without seeing Steeler Pride. Whether it's a Terrible Towel in a storefront, or someone wearing a Steelers shirt (any time of year), you feel the intensity everywhere you go. 

And with good reason! The Steelers are six time Super Bowl winners, and Acrisure Stadium is a behemoth on the North Shore, creating a skyline view that's as interesting as Pittsburgh itself.

You can enjoy Steelers Football in Pittsburgh before you ever even go to a game. Steelers training camp happens just outside of the city. Catch your favorite Steelers on the turf starting in July! Check out this guide to Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp from Visit Laurel Highlands.

Be sure to check the Steelers game schedule to be first in line to score the tickets on a lifetime!


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What Is the Terrible Towel?

The Terrible Towel is a rally towel created in 1975 by famed Steelers radio broadcaster Myron Cope. The Terrible Towel has spread in popularity and is widely recognized as a symbol of the Steelers and the city of Pittsburgh.

More about the logo's history can be found at the American Iron and Steel Institute.