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Downtown Pittsburgh is a compact 50-acre area bordered by Grant Street to the east, Penn Avenue to the north and the Boulevard of the Allies to the south.

You're never more than a few blocks to your destination, and downtown is easy to walk. Outside of downtown, public transportation links the outlying city neighborhoods and suburbs.

Tips for Getting a Ride in Pittsburgh

Uber and Lyft are popular options for an affordable ride in minutes. Both rideshares are available throughout the city, as well as the Pittsburgh International Airport. Just be sure to download the apps.

All major hotels in the Downtown area have taxis waiting outside their front doors. In other areas of the city, look for "taxi stands." You can also call for a cab by dialing 412-777-7777 for zTrip taxi services. 

You can also hail black-and-white taxis, dubbed "Pittsburgh City Cab," for trips to select city neighborhoods. The fair is $4 initially and $1.75 per mile. These short-run cabs will take patrons from Downtown to Mt. Washington, North Side, Oakland, South Side, the Strip District, Uptown and the West End. In addition to hailing the cabs, you may summon one by calling 412-323-2489.

For a full listing of Cab Services, including accessible and regional services, access a full list.

Tips for Parking Downtown

"ParkPGH" is the smart phone app that provides real-time parking availability for garages in Pittsburgh's Cultural District. Download the iPhone app or view the website through your smartphone's browser. Or, text "PARKING" to 412-423-8980 or call 412-423-8982.

You can also pay at parking meters by phone. The Go Mobile PGH mobile app allows you to easily pay for parking at on and off street parking meters throughout the City of Pittsburgh. This app will also send you a notification 15 minutes before your parking session is about to expire, allowing you to avoid getting a ticket!

There are over 20,000 parking spaces in Downtown Pittsburgh operated by ALCO Parking and the Pittsburgh Parking Authority. On-street metered parking is also available in downtown Pittsburgh, these are Pay-by-License Plate meters, so look for the nearest kiosk after parking. Paying for your metered parking has been made easier with the Go Mobile PGH app now available for your smartphone. Simply download the app from and follow the directions!

Downtown Parking Garages

Tips for Bicycling Around Town

If you are interested in exploring Pittsburgh by bike, Bike Pittsburgh has a variety of resources to make your trek enjoyable and worry-free, including the Bike Commuting 101 Guide. The Pittsburgh Regional Transit encourages riders to combine modes of transportation to reduce dependence on cars, so every bus provides a bike rack.

Need to rent a bike? We've got options! Golden Triangle Bike Rental on First Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh. Explore 20+ miles of traffic-free bike path bordering the three rivers with spectacular views of Downtown, South Side and North Side. Or, if you are looking to get from one side of town to the other, register for POGOH, Pittsburgh's bike share program, and rent a bicycle from any of the conveniently located stations throughout the city.

Tips for Taking Scooters Around Town

The bright orange scooters you see zipping through the city are just as fun a they look. To get started, download the Spin app (Apple/Google Play) on your smartphone and take the quick safety quiz (we recommend doing this in advance of your first ride). Your phone will be then be your ticket to find a Spin scooter nearby, identify parking and no-ride zones, pay for your trip and end your ride.

These scooters have a broad base to stand on, making it easy for anyone to jump on and ride and not worry about trying to balance. While on the scooter, simply follow traffic laws (using bike lines whenever possible) and avoid sidewalks, and you're all set! When you're done, you can drop the scooters right off on the sidewalks or receive a rebate if you return to a charging station and plug back in.

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