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Dues Schedule

Greater Pittsburgh Convention & Visitors Bureau features vacation planning and travel information for Pittsburgh hotels, tours, attractions, meetings and more.

2018 Dues Schedule

Neighborhood Partner* $170
Promotional Partner** $290
Business Partner $655
Marketing Partner
Small Non-Profit $850
Large Non-Profit $1,110
For Profit $2,510
11 miles or more from downtown $13/room
6-10 miles radius of downtown $16/room
5 mile radius of downtown $21/room
Downtown location
     Restaurants (What's Included  
Fewer than 200 seats $780
200 or more seats $850
 Limited Service  $460
Basic Listing
Independent $780
National $985
Mall or Merchant Group $985
Department Store $1,685
Suppliers + Business Services  
     Home-based  $290
Sole Proprietor $490
Fewer than 10 Employees $850
10 plus Employees $1,110
Corporations (What's Included)
     Tourism Partner $3,300
     Corporate Partner  
Fewer than 500 employees $6,500
500 plus employees $9,800
     Strategic Partner Negotiated;

*Neighborhood rate is open to Restaurants and Retail establishments that are members of a participating Merchants Association or Chamber of Commerce.

**Promotional rate is only available to independent restaurants and retail establishments.