David L. Lawrence Convention Center

The Platinum LEED®-certified David L. Lawrence Convention Center is delivering the future of meetings.

The Platinum LEED®-certified David L. Lawrence Convention Center features flexible floor plans, column-free exhibit space, high ceilings, natural lighting and exceptional riverfront views.

The highly sustainable center also features a green roof, with a hydroponics greenhouse and rooftop garden, making it the perfect space for special events that are both environmentally conscious and exceptionally beautiful.

Green Operations

By selecting the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, you automatically are committing to a greener environment. Rest assured that every possible green component of the DLCC's operations is being addressed in Pittsburgh from recycling to product use to conserving our natural resources including water, energy and air quality. With commitment to sustainability, your event's carbon imprint is reduced with no additional cost to you.

The David L. Lawrence Convention Center was designed to reduce the use of natural resources and operate at the highest green potential. Every day, the center is committed to sustainability by collecting materials that are being disposed of and giving the materials to companies that turn them into usable raw product. They recycle the traditional items - plastics, aluminum, glass, cardboard, all paper, wood and the not-so traditional items - batteries, sod, water and food.

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