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Welcome to Pittsburgh! What do you want to do first? Not sure yet? Well what about plans for tomorrow? …Well you still have time to decide… Where are you staying? You haven't booked a hotel yet?!?!

Meetings & Events

Make an impression in Mighty Beautiful Pittsburgh.

Defy convention and host an incredible meeting in Pittsburgh – a vibrant city, full of friendly people who are ready to welcome you and your guests. Pittsburgh continues to shine after a stellar PCMA 2019 Convening Leaders conference. In case you missed it, Pittsburgh welcomed- and thoroughly impressed- nearly 4,000 event planners, trade media, and industry professionals.

And, it's no wonder. Pittsburgh isn’t other cities. When you are here, you become part of our community.

Need more reason to host in Pittsburgh?      2020 Booking Incentives

Transformed from its past, Pittsburgh has emerged as one of the leading cities in the tech industry with local offices for Uber, Google, Argo AI and many more that continue to make cutting edge developments in technology. These advancements have helped turn heads, bringing Pittsburgh back to center stage.

Add to that the beautiful and versatile Platinum LEED®-certified David L. Lawrence Convention Center, world-class hotel accommodations, and plenty of entertainment options for your attendees, and Pittsburgh is the place for your next meeting.