PGH Commitment: Bridging Safety Protocols and Successful Events

Around the world, event organizers and destinations are striving to create an environment where business, sports and leisure events can be successfully held while protecting the health and wellbeing of everyone involved.

The successful orchestration of these objectives is vital on many levels:

  • Business events provide a platform for information and IP exchange throughout all aspects of our social, economic and governmental sectors. 
  • Sports events provide the opportunity for athletes to compete in the sports that they have spent years preparing for while also delivering a much-needed outlet of entertainment for spectators. 
  • Leisure travel and events play a critical role in societal development through celebration, comradery and inclusiveness. 

In addition to these benefits, the economic benefit to the local host community and its residents also is critical.   

Site visits conducted with Health & Safety protocols in place

We are witnessing communities in cities coming together around the world to create safe environments where events can be held. This is certainly the case in Pittsburgh. Knowing that confidence and reassurance are the top priorities of Pittsburgh residents and visitors, VisitPITTSBURGH has established the Pittsburgh Global Health (PGH) & Safety Guidelines and the PGH & Safety Commitment

The PGH & Safety Guidelines

The Pittsburgh tourism community has worked tirelessly over the past several months to create health and safety protocols that create an environment that heightens the safety of our visitors, residents and workforce. The community, including the Pittsburgh International Airport, hotels, restaurants, transportation providers, museums, attractions, as well as our primary venues such as the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, PPG Arena and our other world-class stadiums, have all striven to implement precautions. The guidelines are an aggregation of these in-place protocols, and they also adhere to the health practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Pennsylvania and Allegheny County Health Departments and the City of Pittsburgh. 

The PGH & Safety Commitment

The Pittsburgh Global Health (PGH) & Safety Commitment is a mutual pledge between residents and visitors. It is designed to demonstrate to leisure, business and sports travelers, and event organizers that the Pittsburgh tourism and hospitality communities are aligned in exceeding the highest expectations when it comes to the wellbeing of residents and visitors. 

With the PGH Commitment in place, the MeetPITTSBURGH team can move forward with safely planning future business events and meetings. 

The social environment that we currently live in also is our future reality. As communities come together, we can create situations which allow us to not only survive but thrive. In Pittsburgh, that is our goal - to deliver the framework necessary to successfully bridge the health and wellbeing of people with the successful implementation of events.

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Published November 10, 2020

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