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Pittsburgh in the Spotlight

Pittsburgh is a world-class city with unique topography, culture and heritage, and is eminently writable. Find out what writers at these national and international publications think about our city.


Three-Minute Guide to Pittsburgh

Australia's Redland City Bulletin, January 12, 2018
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Nobody expects Pittsburgh to be beautiful, and that's the first major surprise it springs.

Pittsburgh, A Budget-Friendly Alternative From NY

US News and World Report, January 10, 2018
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Following a successful evolution from a Rust Belt mainstay to an exciting, environmentally sustainable center for the arts and medical sciences, Pittsburgh's lively culture, dining and entertainment scenes and hipster hot spots closely resemble New York City – for a fraction of the cost.


Essential Eats in Pittsburgh

Lonely Planet, December, 2017
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Sometimes lightning does indeed strike twice; such is the case for Pittsburgh, a vital star in the constellation of so-called Rust Belt cities.

Pittsburgh is a Budget-Friendly, Family Fun Summer Destination

Travel Channel, 2017
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Known as "Kidsburgh" thanks to all the family-oriented activities in the area, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an affordable and fun pick for families.

Pittsburgh City Guide"

Toronto's Bay Street Bull Magazine, 2017.
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A lot of mystery surrounds Pittsburgh's famous Primanti Bros. sandwich.

"The Insider: Pittsburgh"

Toronto's Foodism Magazine November 20, 2017
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With a population of just over 300,000, Pittsburgh's personality wavers between small city and big town.

"Pittsburgh: Champions of Art"

London's Daily Telegraph, October 3, 2017
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Take a closer look at the best museums in Pittsburgh, as well as some of the USA’s lesser known champions of art.

"Where to Eat in Pittsburgh "

Food & Wine, September 25, 2017
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Some cities have a moment, and then they're done. Pittsburgh appears to be all about the slow and steady. For a good few years now, each new visit to the city has brought its own new surprises, as far as the food is concerned.

"Pop Art, Pierogies and other Pittsburgh Surprises"

Houstonia Magazine, September 21, 2017
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Here's what the city is all about: Taking the ordinary and turning it upside down and calling it art.

"How Pittsburgh Quietly Became a Cultural Capital"

Departures Magazine, September 19, 2017
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Creativity of all kinds—tech, food, art, performance—has transformed Pittsburgh into a model of the top-down, bottom-up, woke American city.

"48 Hours in Pittsburgh"

Escapes, September 2017
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Pittsburgh is currently basking in well-deserved accolades as a must-see destination.

"Eight Reasons to Head to Pittsburgh"

Toronto's Billy Magazine, September 3, 2017
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This former industrial city – now a high-tech hub – is a charming place, and one that residents of Southern Ontario in particular should visit more often.

"Pittsburgh City Guide"

Toronto's Bay Street Bull Magazine, September 2017
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Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes of the steel industry, Pittsburgh has jumped back into relevance with its unique art, culture, technology, research hubs and food.

"What to Do in Pittsburgh"

GQ Magazine, August 24, 2017
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Take one part hipster rejuvenation, two parts industrial character, and mix well. The result is one authentically cool scene.

"August Wilson's Pittsburgh"

New York Times, August 15, 2017
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Exploring the world Wilson wrote about isn't easy: many of the hubs of black life he chronicled are gone. But the changing world is what defined his works.

"The ultimate Pittsburgh guide"

Daily Mirror, August 3, 2017
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The steel plants have closed, the belching smoke from the chimneys has gone and the city is reinventing itself.

"A lot to do in downtown Pittsburgh"

Irish Examiner, July 29, 2017
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Whether visiting the Warhol Museum or going to a baseball game, you will never be short of something to do in Pittsburgh, says Michelle Darmody.

"Pittsburgh is a perfect getaway from D.C."

D.C. Refined, July 27, 2017

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Pittsburgh is known by many names—The 'Burgh, City of Bridges, Steel City, City of Champions (thanks in part to so many Super Bowl and Stanley Cup championships).

"Eight reasons Pittsburgh is the best US getaway city"

MTV, July 19, 2017
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Pittsburgh is the new Brooklyn - you heard it here first. When you're considering your next US vacay, you'd be forgiven for predictably thinking New York’s hipster suburb has everything a traveller needs for craft beer, incredible food and arty vibes.

"Visit Pittsburgh in 2017", June 1, 2017
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Visiting Pittsburgh is a great idea no matter what time of year or when, but 2017 is THE year for city fun! It’s actually got something for everyone: a booming foodie scene, ambitious outdoor activities, and its love for visiting families is not covert. If you’ve visited recently and are thinking about visiting before the end of 2017 (or if you’ve never visited before and are planning a visit!), good news! There are plenty of new things to discover in Pittsburgh. 

"Fly WOW to Pittsburgh for a bargain"

Irish Mirror, May 19, 2017
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Irish holidaymakers will be able to jet to the US city of Pittsburgh for less than €160 from next month. WOW Air is set to launch it's service from Dublin and Cork to the trendy city in Pennsylvania on June 16, with one way flights priced from €159.99 one way.

"Fabulous Pittsburgh food finds"

Northeast Ohio Boomer Magazine, March/April, 2017
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My parents are from Western Pennsylvania so I should know Pittsburgh. I know all about yinz, gutchies and gumband. I eat n-bake cookies and gobs. And before I was introduced to "Barney" on TV, I thought everyone said "red up" when they meant "clean up". Still, it took until this year before I devoted 24 hours to playing in the Steel City.

Pittsburgh: Warhol, August Wilson and the best cake!

Associated Press, February 27, 2017
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If you're planning a trip to Pittsburgh, you'll need to learn a few things. Yinz is local for y'all. Carnegie is pronounced Car-NAY-gie (as in Andrew Carnegie, who made a fortune in Pittsburgh's steel industry, and whose name adorns libraries, museums and more.) And you don't get French fries WITH your sandwich at Primanti's. You get fries ON your sandwich.

August Wilson's Pittsburgh

Associated Press, February 27, 2017
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Fans of "Fences" may be disappointed that the film won just one of its four Oscar nominations. But a pilgrimage to playwright August Wilson's hometown, Pittsburgh, might offer some consolation. "Fences" is one of 10 plays that Wilson wrote chronicling African-American life. Nine of the plays are set in Pittsburgh and each play depicts a different decade.

Pittsburgh is Kidsburgh: "It was the best weekend ever"

Erie Times News, February 19, 2017
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"That," declared my 7-year-old daughter on the ride home from Pittsburgh, "was the best weekend ever!" My husband, Mark, and I didn't have to look far for a weekend escape with our kids.

Pittsburgh's culinary scene is a reason to visit in 2017

National Geographic Traveller, February 2, 2017
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Borrowing from the tech world's start-up incubators, the Smallman Galley is a restaurant incubator. Would-be restaurateurs apply for one of four spots, which the winners get rent-free to test out their concept. Then, 18 months later, another four take over.

Pittsburgh is a hot travel destination for 2017

Harper's Bazaar, January 5, 2017
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We've gone as far as to dub the 'Burgh America's Most Underrated City–and for good reason. It's not the first thing you think of when dreaming of a weekend getaway, innovative food scene or art hub, but it delivers on all accounts in droves.


"Top 10 Budget Destinations of 2017" 

Sherman's Travel, December 31, 2016
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Pittsburgh has officially arrived as a travel destination. Affordable flights stream in daily via Jetblue, Southwest, and Frontier, and the city's hotel scene is officially...well...a scene.

"Exploring Pittsburgh, Charleston"

WV Gazette, December 25, 2016
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We hadn't planned for excessive cold and winds when we timed our visit at the end of Pittsburgh's bicentennial year. One server told us that, last year on the same weekend, the temperature was in the 70s. We had anticipated exploring the city's celebrated downtown culture and shopping in a notably walkable urban setting. Instead, we focused on cultural institutions and nearly unlimited dining opportunities.

"Pittsburgh: My kinda town"

Epoch Times, December 19, 2016
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When it comes to Pittsburgh, the city I like to call the well-known unknown, the skyline seems to be ever-evolving. That's perhaps because Pittsburgh has been inventing and reinventing itself since the collapse of the steel industry in the 1980s, when it kind of fell off people's mental radar. 

"Pittsburgh among rust belt cities that shine"

Vogue Magazine, November 28, 2016
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When I thought about taking a golf trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I really didn’t know what to expect. I immediately had flashbacks of the rich and historic sports history of this second largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. 

"Pittsburgh is America's hidden golf gem"

African American Golfer's Digest
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When I thought about taking a golf trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I really didn’t know what to expect. I immediately had flashbacks of the rich and historic sports history of this second largest city in the state of Pennsylvania.

"Spilling a best kept secret"

Ever In Transit blog, November 17, 2016
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The former Rust Belt city of Pittsburgh has recently been getting a lot of love. The city was named one of the "Best Places to Travel in 2016" by Travel + Leisure and Zagat rated it the nation's "No. 1 Food City." Of all the cities in the U.S. that I'd wanted to explore, Pittsburgh was at the top of my list. 

"48 hours in Pittsburgh"

Sherman's Travel, October 13, 2016
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Pittsburgh has undergone a renaissance recently, evolving from the soot-covered Steel City to a cultural and foodie mecca that has earned it accolades from travelers around the world. With 90 distinct neighborhoods, four Carnegie museums, and countless five-star dining experiences, a visit can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s what we’d do if we had only 48 hours in Pittsburgh.  

"Pittsburgh's thriving tech sector brings new life to post-industrial city"

The Guardian, October 8, 2016
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When Uber chose to test its robot-driven taxis in Pittsburgh, some may have wondered why the tech company had chosen America’s former capital of steel for its road test into the future. But for those in the know, Pennsylvania’s second city is well on its way to establishing itself as the Silicon Valley of the east – and even its roads are helping.

"Why visit Pittsburgh this winter"

US News & World Report, September, 2016
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With an influx of foodies, artists and creative types, the City of Bridges is staging a resurgence. Pittsburgh has had a lot of comebacks over the years. 

"How Pittsburgh became America's most unlikely cultural capital"

The Daily Telegraph, September 18, 2016
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When Pittsburgh was ranked the best US city for foodies by the respected Zagat restaurant guide last year, many were surprised. Not so in the USA, where the city in the heart of Pennsylvania once known as Steel City has become not just a culinary and micro brewery hub but a centre for the arts as well. 

"There's something about Pittsburgh"

Epicurean Traveler, September 18, 2016
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There's something about Pittsburgh. It was the big city across the bridge from the little town I visited as a kid, playing and biking the "Old Road" with eight cousins in summertime. Granny and Grandad's beer garden there was dream-like, because of their open arms and laps plus homemade ravioli, gnocchi and rolls, huge Hershey bars and long pretzel sticks from a canister at the dark, mysterious bar.

"2016 Weekend Getaways: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"

Northern Virginia Magazine, September, 2016
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Pittsburgh is a cultural powerhouse where science and art are exhilarating partners. The city’s ever-expanding food scene, consisting of ethnic eateries, microbreweries and cutting-edge cuisine, offers visitors a cornucopia of premier dining experiences. And although you can never see all these attractions in one weekend, don’t miss visiting the vibrant neighborhoods of East Liberty and Lawrenceville.

"Snapshot of Pittsburgh"

Dossier, September, 2016
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Don't be fooled by the name. The Steel City is no longer all about steel, but instead boasts a diverse economy backed by a commitment to innovation and a skilled workforce.

"Road Trip: The best things to do in Pittsburgh"

Athlon Sports & Life Magazine, August 29, 2016
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Pittsburgh is one of the country's great professional sports cities — with the NHL's Stanley Cup-champion Penguins, the NFL's Steelers and MLB's Pirates. But there is so much to do in Pittsburgh when you're not rooting for one of the black-and-yellow championship contenders.

"The Ultimate Guide to America's Most underrated city"

Harper's Bazaar, August 17, 2016
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We'll be the first to admit that Pittsburgh is not a city one associates with luxury or travel bucket lists. While big cities with a small town vibe like Austin, Nashville, Portland, Philadelphia, Savannah and Charleston have earned a spot on our short list for long weekend getaways, word association games with this Pennsylvania city will likely yield not-so-chic results.

"Uber got this right — Pittsburgh is America's city of the future"

Salon, August 19, 2016
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The Steel City is more than the country's next great innovation hub — it's a model for the Rust Belt's revival.

"Mysteries of Pittsburgh"

Travel + Leisure, August 2016
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Its comeback from postindustrial malaise was already one of the best stories in the annals of American urbanism. Now something even more unlikely is happening: the Steel City is turning into Cool Town, U.S.A.

"Pittsburgh is Inspiring a Culinary Revolution"

PCMA Magazine, August 8, 2016
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The Steel City, once better-known for pierogis and working class food, is clearly in the midst of a culinary revolution.

"Pittsburgh is Reborn"

Indulge Magazine, August 6, 2016
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To paraphrase Shakespeare, Pittsburgh is a rose by any other name. Just don’t call it the Smoky City — that moniker died along with the coal-fired mills that once made the city the center of the American steel industry.

"The Artistic Side of Pittsburgh"

Paste, August 2, 2016
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When American steel manufacturing collapsed in the eighties, Pittsburgh was also knocked down hard. However, now different engines of change are driving the city’s resurgence: design, technology, and reuse. And art is playing a major role in not only fostering talent, but also giving the city a cultural revitalization.

"Play a Round (and Around) in Pittsburgh"

World Golf, July 14, 2016
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Visitors today cannot help but be impressed by the way Pittsburgh has reinvented itself as a modern metropolis, bursting with high-tech companies, gastronomical delights and entertainment attractions. 

"Explore the Hip Side of Pittsburgh"

Go Escape/USA Today, July 8, 2016
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In 200 years, Pittsburgh has developed a lot of personalities: industrial “Steel City,” bridge-and-river town, the original home of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

"Pittsburgh is on the Fast Track to a 21st Century Renaissance"

Worth Magazine, June 20, 2016
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Community leadership, philanthropy and historic preservation have placed Pittsburgh on the fast track to a 21st-century renaissance.

"Pittsburgh is a Top Travel Spot"

CBS Saturday Morning, June 25, 2016
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The Rust Belt is casting off its gritty reputations and drawing artists, techies and foodies. Jennifer Flowers explains what areas in America's industrial heartland you should choose for your next vacation.

"Pittsburgh's Inclines Offer Touch of History"

Akron Beacon Journal, June 3, 2016
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There is really only one way to see Pittsburgh. That's to ride its two remaining inclined plane railroads. Each is a fun 2 and a half minute ride with some great views of downtown Pittsburgh.

"Pittsburgh's Sandwiches"

Canada's Globe and Mail, May 16, 2016
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With a thriving art scene, popular summer music festivals and a wealth of historic architecture, more and more travellers are heading to Pittsburgh. It's also one of the best places in America to eat a sandwich.

"Where to Play, Eat and Spend the Night"

Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 12, 2016
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The former steel city has a new sheen these days: trendy hotels, innovative eateries and plenty of places the play. Here's where to find the fun.

"Pittsburgh Transformed"

Tidewater Women Magazine, March 31, 2016
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In case you haven't heard, Pittsburgh has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last few decades.

"Pittsburgh: A City Revival"

Cigars and Leisure, March 31, 2016
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New York City, Miami, Chicago - those are all cities you expect to find in any list ranking the best cities for tourism. When the results came in for this year's Reader's Choice Awards and Pittsburgh cam in as cigar enthusiasts' second-favorite U.S. city for travel, it made us turn all of our attention to the Steel City.

"Five Things to Do in Pittsburgh"

Travel + Leisure, 2016
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Pittsburgh may be known as Steel City, but this industrial metropolis is reforging its reputation.

"Pittsburgh - A City On The Move"

Travel Squire, 2016
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Twenty years ago if you mentioned to anyone that you were going to Pittsburgh the response would've been "Why? Everything is covered with grit from the steel mills." That was true then; today Pittsburgh has come a long way from its "steel city" days and is now a growing metropolis known for healthcare, robotics and high tech companies like Apple, Google and Intel.

"Ten Cities About to be Famous...Again", March 10, 2016
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It's time to re-introduce yourself to these 10 cities that have done the impossible and transformed themselves from C-list destinations into ones worthy of your precious vacation time.

"48 Hours in Pittsburgh", March 9, 2016
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In the midst of an extreme makeover, Pittsburgh has evolved from steel town to boom town. A city of 90 neighborhoods, three rivers and year-round fun, at its core is a robust arts and culture scene, headlined by major talents like Andy Warhol. Pittsburgh's cool factor is climbing by the day, thanks to an influx of new hotels, restaurants and attractions that make it ripe for discovery.

"Pittsburgh's Youth-Driven Food Boom"

New York Times, March 15, 2016
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Pittsburgh - It hits you as soon as you get to town. There's the purple-haired free spirit at the Ace Hotel who gives you the lowdown on outlaw poetry gatherings and killer pizza.

"Visiting Pittsburgh: Coming For The Hockey But Finding So Much More"

Yahoo Canada, February 22, 2016
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Like many great adventures, this one required the stars to align just so. Not a long shot necessarily, more of an absolute best-case scenario. On Saturday, November 28, the past, present and future of Canadian hockey was scheduled to meet at the corner of Fifth and Washington in downtown Pittsburgh, where the hometown Penguins would play the Edmonton Oilers.

"Pittsburgh: The Ultimate Repurposed City"

Afar Magazine, February 18, 2016
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Long after Pittsburgh's steel days were over, a new life is breathed into this formerly industrial metropolis. Legacy lives strong in a place like Pittsburgh. The Pennsylvanian city minted itself as a blue-collar paradise in the 20th century with names like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick who made fortunes from the city's prolific steel.

"Pittsburgh Is the New Cool"

Forbes Magazine, February 11, 2016
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From Google unveiling a new office to plenty of films (The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Fault in Our Stars, Foxcatcher, Concussion) being filmed in the Steel City, there's no denying that Pittsburgh is quickly becoming one of the coolest cities in the country.

"Where To Go In Pittsburgh"

amNewYork, January 18, 2016
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Look to your west, New York. Pittsburgh, the Pennsylvania city that's historically known for its shuttered steel industry, today bustles with renewed entrepreneurial spirit, as trendy restaurants and cultural happenings are putting it back in the spotlight.

"Discover All That Is Pittsburgh", 2016
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Twenty years ago if you mentioned to anyone that you were going to Pittsburgh their response would've been "Why? Everything is covered with coal dust from the steel mill?" That was true then; today Pittsburgh has come a long way from its steel mill city days to being known for healthcare, robotics and high tech companies - think Google, Apple, Uber and Intel.


"In Brief: Pittsburgh's Resurrection"

Travel + Leisure, October 13, 2015
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Casting off its gritty, industrial reputation, Pittsburgh has become something of a hub for artists, techies, and food enthusiasts.

"Visiting Randyland: The Happiest Place in PA"

Uncovering PA, September 30, 2015
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Stand outside of Randyland and you might think that it’s a quirky art project and a great way to fix up a once-dilapidated house. However, when I asked owner and creator Randy Gilson what Randyland was, he responded with a very simple answer: "Randyland is a giant heart of love."

"Made in Pennsylvania: Flavors only found in Pittsburgh"

USA Today Travel, September 6, 2015
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When the steel industry collapsed in Pittsburgh, the people of Steel City found a way to reinvent their economy. Rooted in hard work and a culture of doing it yourself, the Pittsburgh Way has been instituted in the restaurants, handmade food items, breweries, coffee shops and farmers markets in Pittsburgh.

"11 Easy Family Trips From Philadelphia"

Philadelphia Magazine, September 6, 2015
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Thanks to a youth movement, Pennsylvania’s other major city has a chill early-Brooklyn vibe wrapped up in an old-school town.

"5 ideas for adult getaways, close to Cleveland, while the kids are away at camp"

Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 23, 2015
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For big-city fun, consider a trip to Pittsburgh, which this year made Conde Nast Traveler's list of the top places to visit in 2015.

"6 Hot U.S. Food Destinations to Visit This Summer"

Zagat, July 21, 2015
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As August approaches, take advantage of late summer's languid pace, and recurrent fare sales, with a last-minute trip to a stateside destination with a vibrant, burgeoning culinary scene.

"The little Burgh that’s catching food critics by surprise"

The Washington Post, July 16, 2015
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Pittsburgh, the city that birthed America's most famous condiment — Heinz ketchup — is perhaps best known culinarily for enhancing dishes with french fries. Fries on sandwiches. Fries on salads. And until recently, the city’s food scene had a similarly unsophisticated reputation.

"Pittsburgh on a budget"

Metro US, June 16, 2015
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Consistently voted one of the “most livable cities,” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, owes a lot of its reputation to its vibrant Cultural District. The 14-square block in the heart of downtown throbs with creative energy.

"8 Incredible Things to Do in Pittsburgh's Arts Scene"

Air Canada enRoute, June 4, 2015
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Discover Steel City's cultural side, from Andy Warhol's films to a restaurant that serves food from countries in conflict with the US.

"Look past Pittsburgh's popular attractions for some off-the-beaten-path summer fun"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 22, 2015
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Pittsburgh is home to many hidden gems. With a museum devoted to robots, a center showcasing mutant vegetables and a set of tours focused mainly on food, it's a place that revels in its unique character.

"Top 10 U.S. Destinations to Visit in Spring"

Horizon Travel Magazine, April 13, 2015
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Pittsburgh continues to shine as a must-see place to visit. Everyone's raving, from Condé Nast Traveler and National Geographic Traveler to the Travel Channel. Why? Because Pittsburgh's got it all – great food, outdoor adventure, history at every corner, tax-free shopping, a thriving Cultural District – and a familiarity with Lord Stanley and Mr. Lombardi makes it a sports lover's dream!

"Best Travel Spots, family travel: Heather Greenwood Davis picks seven places to go"

Toronto Star, April 2, 2015
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There's nothing better than a city that completely surprises you. Pittsburgh with its steel-town image of the past has been slowly repositioning itself as a must-stay destination.

"History's alive in Pittsburgh"

The Boston Globe, March 21, 2015
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Pittsburgh puts its best foot forward. That was not always the case. Twenty years ago, if you mentioned to anyone that you were going to Pittsburgh, the response might have been, "Smog, dirt, dust, and polluted rivers from the steel mills. Why go there?" Pittsburgh has come a long way from its steel mill days to being known for healthcare, robotics, and high-tech companies. Think Google, Apple, Uber, and Intel.

"Pittsburgh Deserves A Spot On Your Bucket List"

The Hartford Courant, March 12, 2015
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It's never easy to shed a reputation. Pittsburgh is living proof. Pennsylvania's second city is still inexplicably hampered by the notion that it's a grimy town, stuck in its rust belt era from a generation ago.

"Pittsburgh: The Coolest American City You Haven't Been To"

The Huffington Post, March 8, 2015
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Downtown Pittsburgh is infused with an authentic, indie-spirited vibrancy you don't see much in cities anymore In this era of homogenized cities, Pittsburgh is a breath of fresh air. It embraces its industrial past while simultaneously wrapping its strong arms around progressive green developments, an enlightened foodie reputation, and its birthright as one of America's quirkiest cities.

"5 Places To Eat Incredibly Well In Pittsburgh"

Food Republic, April 2, 2015
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You say Philly, but I say Pitt! Now don't get me wrong: I love Philadelphia. It's a really rad city. And as a Pennsylvanian, I'm stoked that the dining scene there has been receiving so much positive attention as of late. Not only is it well deserved; it was long overdue.

"Traveler: Baseball Road Trip to Pittsburgh"

Indianapolis Monthly, April 1, 2015
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To root for the "home" team this baseball season, head to a Pittsburgh Pirates game: The Major League Baseball squad is the Indianapolis Indians affiliate. The Bucs (short for buccaneers, another word for pirates) play a three-game weekend home stand against the Milwaukee Brewers April 17–19.

"Fancy Meeting You Here"

Hemispheres Magazine, March, 2015
View Article
For the Perfect event head east to Pittsburgh or Annapolis where you'll find innovative spaces.

"Spring in Pittsburgh?"

Tampa Bay Parenting, March 4, 2015
View Article
When we told friends and family that we were planning a spring visit to Pittsburgh, many wondered why? With winter storms still in the forecast and sunny skies at home in Florida, leaving the Sunshine State as others were flocking to the white, sandy beaches sounded silly. When we told them about the wide variety of arts, cultural, historical, culinary, and spring skiing options, they understood and were even a bit envious.

"Baltimore road trips: The best spring break destinations for families"

The Baltimore Sun, February 23, 2015
View Article
You likely need a change of scenery after the long winter. But once you begin to investigate your options, you'll likely realize that pricey airline tickets, passports, snaking security lines and airline luggage fees can quickly suck the joy out of a spring break family vacation.

"Six Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh Now!"

Just Short of Crazy, January 8, 2015
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Pittsburgh is booming both culturally and economically as of late, and it's not very hard to see why. Visitors are drawn to the city for its fabulous culinary offerings, eclectic neighborhoods, and all-around picturesque views. The ‘Burgh has diehard sports fans and its residents love telling you why its the perfect city to live in. If you're heading to Pittsburgh in the near future or are even considering a visit, here's the top spots to check out. But be warned, many have visited and have fallen in love with city so much that they've decided to call it home!


"Travel's Best All-American Vacations 2014", Summer 2014
View Article
Pittsburgh in the summer? Hear us out on this one. Home to more than 39 colleges and universities, Pittsburgh is bubbling over with young people helping to redefine the city.

"Top Ten Movie Locations to Visit in and Around Pittsburgh PA"

The Huffington Post, December 19, 2014
View Article
Are you a film buff? If so, Pittsburgh PA has the makings of a perfect getaway.
With three rivers, 446 bridges, and a New Yorkish downtown, Pittsburgh makes a compelling backdrop for movies. Known as "Hollywood of the East," this city has been central to the motion picture industry since silent films were all the rage, and still, more are being made here every week.

"24 Photos of Pittsburgh That Will Make You Want To Move There"

Movoto Blog, 2014
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Pittsburgh has lots of bridges and stairs, but there's so much more to the city where three rivers meet.

"Style Across America: Dropping in on Steel City"

Esquire Magazine, July 1, 2014
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The road from D.C. to Pittsburgh is, well, green. Especially at this time of year. Floating along the highways in our loaner top-of-the-line Chevy trucks was a lot like cruising America via La-Z-Boy recliner, only with a better sound system, ventilated seats, and a speed limit.

"Beyond New York, LA: The other US cities you must visit"

Traveller, July 21, 2014
View Article
It's time to take a detour to some of America's under-sung cities. David Whitley leads the way.

"Perception far from reality
The city of Pittsburgh isn't flat, boring or blackened by mills"

Winnipeg Free Press, June 14, 2014
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The steel industry, after which the football team is named, for the most part is gone. There are no penguins and it is doubtful if a real pirate ever came close to the city. But Pittsburgh is home to some of the most passionate fans in hockey, baseball and football. These sports are significant economic generators for tourism in the area.

"The Pittsburgh Neighborhood That Needs to Be on Your Culinary Bucket List"

Country Living, 2014
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Pittsburgh's Strip District is home to culinary delights, from a century-old Italian market to a trendy cocktail spot.

"The Robots That Saved Pittsburgh - How the Steel City avoided Detroit's fate."

Politico Magazine, February 4, 2014
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It's hard to pinpoint the moment Pittsburgh began its three-decade climb back from the dead, but Red Whittaker marks the comeback from the instant he heard the ominous clack of a door closing behind him when he entered a secured building near the melted heart of Three Mile Island back in 1983.

"The Political Makeover of a Rust Belt City"

Politico Magazine, February 4, 2014
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On Jan. 10, his fourth day as Pittsburgh's new mayor, Bill Peduto told a left-leaning crowd that his very arrival heralded a new dawn. "There has become a chasm, a canyon, between the haves and the have-nots," he said. "Tuesday, Pittsburgh changed from an old boys' network city to a progressive city."

"From Steel City to Roboburgh"

View Article
Pittsburgh's miraculous turnaround from post-industrial wasteland to shiny 21st-century metropolis is a stunning example of urban reinvention. How and why did the city manage to avoid the fate of Rust Belt basket cases like Detroit? Politico Magazine's Glenn Thrush tells the story here of a surprisingly high-tech new Pittsburgh growing for the first time since its postwar peak, of disused factories converted into urban lofts, biotech labs and robot workshops. So when President Obama visited one of the few lingering local steel plants last week—saying, "You don't come to the Steel City without coming to U.S. Steel"—in reality he was talking about a city that no longer exists.

"New meets old in Pittsburgh"

Chicago Tribune, January 4, 2014
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I've never been to a city that loves itself more than Pittsburgh.

This is not a criticism. After three days, I also loved Pittsburgh, a quaint, pretty city with interesting people doing interesting things, and a healthy dash of Old World, working-class charm.

"6 Places You Wouldn't Think to Visit in 2014 (But You Should)", January 18, 2014
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It's the start of 2014. By now, everyone in the travel world has come out with their list of what's hot and what's not. But there are a few really exciting destinations that many of those 2014 travel trend pieces have neglected to tell you about. Follow along as Peter joins the team at CBS This Morning to share six destinations worth giving a second look in 2014.

"Pittsburgh: A remarkable city worth visiting", 2014
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I flew into Pittsburgh's airport not knowing what to expect. The name "Pittsburgh" conjured up for me gnarly images of rusting steel mills and people in pickups waving yellow "Terrible Towels." But after touring this serendipitous city, I would recommend it to anyone as a very desirable place to visit.

"Steel City Cuisine"

City Scene Magazine, March 2014

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The city may be known as the home of the Steelers, ketchup and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhoodi>, but Pittsburgh's culinary collection is something that shouldn't be left on the back burner.

"How Pittsburgh Became a Dining Destination"

Highbrow Magazine, February 27, 2014
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Pittsburgh is classically known for sports, steel mills and a serious sense of hometown pride. We bleed black and yellow. Giving us the energy to yell at the Steelers, anytime, anyplace, are fries piled high on salads and sandwiches, kielbasa, and of course beer.

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