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Photo Requests

For media professionals, learn more about downloading pictures and their rightful use in publications by media professionals.

View and Download Photos

Images downloaded from are intended for editorial use in newspapers, magazines and other periodicals that promote Pittsburgh and Its Countryside. They may also be used by tour operators and as attendance builders to promote meetings and conventions taking place in the Pittsburgh area. Items containing the photographs may not be made available for sale.

Hundreds of high-resolution photographs are available for use and can be previewed through our Photo Download Center. Categories include skyline shots, city bridges, important local attractions, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, the downtown business district, Point State Park, public art and neighborhoods. The Photo Search option facilitates image searching by keyword.

As an industry professional or member of the press, we invite you to register with us, so that you can conveniently request and download high-resolution images from our photo library anytime in the future.

Before downloading images, you will be asked to register your request with VisitPittsburgh. Once your request is approved, your password will be activated and downloading will be enabled. Please credit VisitPittsburgh or the photographer noted for any published photographs.

Downtown Now Photography Project

Requests of any "Downtown Now" photos, special approvals are necessary. Downtown Now photos may not be reproduced or altered in any way and must be used in their entirety unless express written permission is provided by VisitPittsburgh. Items containing the Downtown Now photography may not be made available for sale.

The following credit must accompany all Downtown Now images: "[Name of Artist as specified on the photo caption], The Heinz Endowments Downtown Now Photography Project."

When materials are used in a publication, a copy of the final printed piece must be forwarded to VisitPittsburgh.

VisitPittsburgh has the right to restrict usage to any organization that does not meet usage requirements.

About the Downtown Now Photography Project: The Heinz Endowments invited nine photographers to participate in a three-year project to document the changing culture and sites of Downtown Pittsburgh. Of the thousands of photographs that they submitted during this time frame, more than 400 were chosen to be included in a permanent archive. We view this body of work as one of lasting historical and artistic significance and intend to make it available to the public as appropriate.

Additional photography is available. If you do not see the exact shot you are looking for, please contact Shannon Wolfgang for further assistance.

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