The David L. Lawrence Convention Center helps Pittsburgh stay green.

Rafael Viñoly's David L. Lawrence Convention Center is an exemplar of the Pittsburgh region's commitment to sustainable development and environmental awareness. Pittsburgh is home to the Gold LEED-certified green convention center, the largest LEED-certified 'green' building in the world, situated on a former brownfield along the Allegheny River in the heart of the downtown Cultural District. The Center offers 313,400 sq. ft. of naturally lit and ventilated exhibition space (263,000 sq. ft. column-free); 52 meeting rooms; 2 lecture halls; 37 loading docks; and a 31,610 sq. ft. ballroom, the largest in the region. This landmark structure has become the cornerstone of Pittsburgh's continuing environmental transformation.

Convention Center Basics

You could call the David L. Lawrence Convention Center one of the most significant milestones in Pittsburgh's environmental  transformation. The Center reflects the environmental friendliness that now is a hallmark of our region. As the world's first certified green convention center, the building symbolizes this region's commitment to sustainable development and environmental awareness.

The Convention Center is functional as well as beautiful. On the cutting edge of design, this innovative structure by Rafael Viñoly Architects connects the urban city to the waterfront overlooking the Allegheny 
River. Boasting breathtaking views of the North Shore and Downtown Pittsburgh from the concourses, balconies and terraces, the Center is in the heart of the Downtown business and cultural districts. Hotels, retail stores, theaters and restaurants are within easy walking distance.

The Convention Center provides the following:

  • 313,400 square feet of exhibition space
  • 51 meeting rooms
  • two lecture halls
  • 37 loading docks
  • a 31,610 square-foot ballroom, the largest in the region

The design also features a pedestrian promenade connecting 10th Street and Penn Avenue, and landscaped terraces overlooking the river.

Green Facts at a Glance

Natural Daylight

  • lights 75 percent of the facility
  • decreases energy costs by 35 percent
  • conserves electricity equaling the amount consumed by 1,900 Pittsburgh households

Natural Air Ventilation

  • cools the halls as natural air is pulled from across the Allegheny River into the building
  • draws warm air up into the swooping roof peak where it exits
  • enhances indoor air quality
  • reduces operational costs by 35 percent annually

Water Reclamation System

  • sanitizes waste water and redirects it to bathroom toilets
  • reduces water usage by 55 percent, equaling enough drinking water to supply 132 Pittsburgh households


  • an estimated 124,000 pounds of paper and cardboard annually
  • 6,000 pounds of cans and bottles annually enough to save 1,054 trees, 682 barrels of oil, 186 cubic yards of landfill space and 434,000 gallons of water