Anthrocon to host citywide Children’s Art Show and Competition in 2023


PITTSBURGH – Anthrocon, Pittsburgh’s furry convention, is offering a Children’s Art Show as part of its 2023 convention. Anthrocon has developed a wonderful, synergistic relationship with the city of Pittsburgh and wishes to give back a bit more, this time to the children of the city. Therefore, Anthrocon is pleased to announce a new children’s art competition with two divisions and special prizes for the top pieces of art in each division. The division for its younger entrants will have a top prize of a $100 Amazon gift card. The division for its entrants up to seniors in high school will have a top prize available of a $1,000 grant, which can be used at the entrant’s discretion for tuition or educational supplies.

The rules for the competition are as follows:

1. Eligibility: The entrant must be a student living in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. There will be two different divisions based on age. Division A will be for any student up to the age of 12. Division B will be for all students from age 13 to 18. Children must be active students prior to May 1, 2023. Students enrolled in any online schools or who are being home schooled are eligible but must be able to provide verification of their student status. Students at the collegiate level are not eligible.

2. Requirements of artwork to be submitted:

  • All artwork submitted to the Anthrocon Children’s Art Competition must feature “anthropomorphic” or animal characters. The style of the characters is open to interpretation. This means they can be of a cartoon form, realistic in design, or of a level anywhere in between. Also, the characters can be of a true animal form, a mythical animal form, or a completely original animal creation or hybrid between animals.
  • The artwork should be related to or incorporate the convention’s theme. This year, the convention theme is “Anthropolis: Our Furry City.” Interpretation of the theme is left up to the artist.
  • The artwork must be done solely by the student, without outside help in the execution of the artwork. We realize that very young students may need some help with reading stories and history of Pittsburgh or possible inclusion of Pittsburgh-themed concepts (city colors of black and gold for example). This is acceptable. However, all drawings, sketches, or other activities involved with the creation of the artwork must be done by the child alone. The goal is to allow each child’s artistic strength and vision to be seen. Even a very young child can create something that may move the judges, so please allow the student to do their own work.
  • Almost any artistic medium may be used, so long as it is sturdy and can be displayed without means of electronic display. Examples include, but are not limited to: pencil, ink, pastel, water color, paint, crayon, finger painting, hardened polymer clay, fired natural clay, papier-mâché, fabric, artificial fur, acrylic or other plastic, needlepoint, and/or other creative materials. Because of the risk of damage, please do not use soft/raw clay, glass, slate, or other fragile materials. Digital drawings or paintings created on a computer or tablet may also be entered, although physical reproductions are needed if they are chosen for public display.
  • All submissions must be appropriate for viewing by “all ages.” Artwork showing excessive violence, images of a graphic nature or any subject matter that the judges deem inappropriate, will be disqualified.

3. All artwork should be submitted with the following information:

  • The student’s name
  • The student’s age
  • The student’s grade and art teacher (if available)
  • The student’s school
  • The title of the art piece (if applicable)
  • Contact information (parent, teacher, or school administrator). This information should be written on a label affixed to the back of flat artwork, or on a card tied securely to 3-D artwork.
  • Permission for the release of basic information about the artist including name, grade, school and neighborhood. Specific address and contact information will remain confidential.
  • All of the above information should be included on an entry form which is available for download on the Anthrocon website, The entry form may be sent as an attachment along with the image(s) of the artwork.

4. The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 16, 2023. A digital scan or image of the artwork must be received by Anthrocon by 11:59 p.m. on June 16, 2023, at the following e-mail address:

5. Judging: Art may be judged based on many factors including, but not limited to: concept, character design, overall execution, color usage, originality and imagination, complexity and implementation of the annual theme. A panel of Anthrocon staffers will make the final decisions on the top pieces of artwork.

6. Artwork display: Anthrocon hopes to display as much of the submitted artwork as possible. If the number of submitted pieces exceeds the space available for the Art Display, then only a variety of pieces, including the top selections, will be displayed. The exact location of the display within the David L. Lawrence Convention Center will be determined and announced as the convention approaches. Anthrocon will reach out to artists who have been selected for display due to high ranking at the email address provided on their entry form. The physical artwork for public display will need to be delivered to the Art Show representatives at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on Thursday, June 29, or Friday, June 30, 2023. To safeguard against damage in handling and display, the artwork should be protected in some way. Flat artwork (drawings, paintings, digital prints, etc.) should be mounted on an art matte or placed in a print protector sleeve, with a backing board. 3-D artwork (sculpture, jewelry, papier-mache, etc.) should be packed in a sturdy cardboard box with cushioning materials, and identifying labels (see 3, above) attached to both the artwork and the box.

7. Winners: Winners will be contacted prior to the start of the convention and will be publicly announced at the convention. Anthrocon will provide more details about the announcement of the winners closer to the convention date.

8. The submitted physical artwork will become the property of Anthrocon, but the copyright of the artwork will be retained by the student. Anthrocon and VisitPITTSBURGH are granted permission in perpetuity to publish (either in print or electronic form) any artwork images for promotional or similar use without compensation to the student. Anthrocon and VisitPITTSBURGH will have exclusive rights to use submitted artwork for reproduction, promotional purposes and display without compensation to the artist.

Anthrocon is very excited to support the children’s art community in the City of Pittsburgh. It is our hope that this is yet another bond forming between our convention and the amazing city that has become our host. We look forward to seeing the amazing creations of the children of Pittsburgh and eagerly await returning in Summer 2023!

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