• 2705 S. Water St.
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15203
  • Phone: 412-224-2328
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Pennsylvania's first authentic Hofbrauhaus is modeled after the legendary 420 year-old Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany. The heritage of Hofbrauhaus is the bier. Specialty and seasonal biers are brewed on-site by our talented brewers while adhering to strict German purity law. While visiting Hofbrauhaus, guest are able to tour our state of the art brewery, while enjoying the traditions of Germany. There is a large Bier Hall with live entertainment nightly, the Braustuberl, a quiet dining room with Old World German ambiance, and a large festive Bier Garden with a great view of the river and the Pittsburgh skyline. We feature American and Bavarian style dishes with ingredients specially made for the Hofbrauhaus or imported from abroad.

  • Vorgarten (Outside covered)

    Occupancy: 48 - 48
    Area: 560 feet

    Configuration Capacity
    Banquet 48.00
  • Terrasse (outside covered)

    Occupancy: 154 - 200
    Area: 2,030 feet

    Configuration Capacity
    Banquet 154.00
    Reception 200.00
  • Biergarten (Outside)

    Occupancy: 374 - 550
    Area: 5,696 feet

    Configuration Capacity
    Banquet 374.00
    Reception 550.00
  • Stamtisch

    Occupancy: 30 - 40
    Area: 540 feet

    Configuration Capacity
    Banquet 30.00
    Reception 40.00
  • Braustuberl

    Occupancy: 128 - 188
    Area: 1,698 feet

    Configuration Capacity
    Banquet 128.00
    Reception 188.00