Why Pittsburgh Stands Above the Rest

Why Pittsburgh Stands Above the Rest

Talk to anyone that is from or lived in Pittsburgh and most will say it is truly unique.

The city has gone through quite the transformation since the steel industry, where the huge smokestacks of the steel mills spewed flames and smoke around the clock lighting the skies orange. Now, glistening green spaces give way to blue skies, open areas for movement and exploration and views visitors cannot find anywhere else.

Pittsburgh is distinctive and unlike any big city you’ve ever experienced. Here are some things that make our city so unique:

1. Only city whose professional sports teams wear the same color

The Pittsburgh Steelers (football), Pittsburgh Penguins (hockey) and Pittsburgh Pirates (baseball) all wear black and gold. That’s why Pittsburgh is often referred to as black and gold country.

2. One minute you are in the middle of nowhere, the next minute you are Downtown  

Visitors’ attention and imagination is quickly captured the minute they emerge from the Fort Pitt Tunnel, as the Pittsburgh city skyline appears and sparkles in front of them. 

3. Pittsburgh prides itself on putting French fries on salads

Most people know about the Pittsburgh-style sandwich which features French fries piled high on the sandwich itself, made famous by Primanti Bros. What is less talked about is the Pittsburgh-style salad which also features French fries piled high towering above a fresh bed of lettuce. May sound crazy, but try it, you may fall in love!

4. Pittsburgh has one of the most underrated skylines in the country

Pittsburgh’s landscape is what makes the skyline so distinctive. The archetypal shape of Downtown Pittsburgh is a triangular region sculpted by the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers, which creates the Ohio River. The sheer beauty of the city immediately sparks your interest and makes you want to explore all the city has to offer.

5. Saint Anthony’s Chapel is truly unique

Located in Troy Hill, it has the second largest collection of religious relics in the world, around 5,000, second to only the Vatican – and, it is free to visit!

6. Only place you will find racing pierogies

Pierogies are one of Pittsburgh’s staple foods. Attend a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game at PNC Park and there is an actual pierogi race with people dressed in pierogi costumes.

7. One of the few U.S. cities to have a state park in the heart of Downtown

Point State Park, located at the tip of the golden triangle, is a historic landmark that honors and preserves the strategic and historical significance of the area during the French and Indian War. There are hiking and bike trails, beautiful plant life and trees, a fountain and more. Numerous events and festivals also are held at Point State Park each year.

8. Three Rivers Heritage Trail

Pittsburgh’s iconic three rivers provide opportunities for residents and tourist to walk, hike and bike on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. This trail offers access to neighborhoods, Downtown and attractions, as well as magnificent views of the city skyline from different angles and vantage points.

9. It is an underrated food city

Due to its deep Eastern European roots, Pittsburgh has a wide variety of cuisine. Pittsburgh features family-owned and ethnic restaurants and food festivals, many of which can be found in the Strip District, one of Pittsburgh’s 90 unique neighborhoods.

It also features a restaurant that was rated on Yelp’s 2015 list of the top 100 places to eat in the U.S. Gaucho Parrilla Argentina features Argentinian style, wood-fired meats. If you haven’t eaten here, it’s a must stop and very affordable for the quality of food they serve. 

10. Pittsburghers are welcoming and friendly

When people come to the Steel City, they experience a sense of community. Pittsburghers are hospitable and friendly and are quick to show you around their city.