How The Oaklander Creates a Welcoming Atmosphere in Pittsburgh

From the inside out, the Oaklander Hotel screams “welcome to our city.”

When you step into the Oaklander Hotel and take the elevator to the top floor to check in, you can feel the spirit of Pittsburgh Authenticity every step of the way.

Oakland is one of Pittsburgh’s most interesting neighborhoods, bustling college students from the city’s top universities call it home, and their presence gives the history-laced streets and buildings a thumping heartbeat. Legends are born here, and you can feel that energy everywhere you go.

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The Oaklander was designed with the neighborhood in mind. It finds itself nestled right in the heart of Oakland. Views of the famous Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum can be seen from the top floor brasserie Spirit & Tales. The front door of the hotel opens right onto Bigelow Boulevard, amid Oakland’s most famous landmarks like the Cathedral of Learning, making guests feel like part of the community. Join students relaxing on the lawn of the museum, strolling through Schenley Park, or wondering the halls of the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History. From the moment you step foot on the sidewalk, you’re immediately thrust into the hustle and bustle of the community. 

And that’s a testament to the nature of the Pittsburgh experience. As soon as you arrive, you become part of who we are. Pittsburgh is a city that welcomes you with open arms and allows you to be who you are. The Oaklander, through its design and setting, have captured that phenomenon and packed it into each detail of its visual and visceral experience.

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The designer, Ami Kahalekulu, was inspired by the “hallowed halls” of the nearby institutions, using tweeds and plaids for fabric and carpeting, as well as oak paneling throughout, as a testament to the hotel’s namesake. 

The Oaklander has a subtle theme of “then and now” that is shown through details that nod to Pittsburgh born inventions or famous Pittsburghers. As a guest, be on the lookout for toy penguins, wind-up robots, photos of Ferris wheels, and more hidden details. You might also want to brush up on your Pittsburgh trivia before arriving. That way, you won’t miss a single hidden gem.

The photography featured in the guest rooms is by photographer Mike Rivera, who spent time in Oakland and captured compelling, stylized images of the neighborhood.

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It’s impossible to forget the feeling of coming to Pittsburgh for the first time. The friendly and welcoming nature is baked into the air here. By baking the Pittsburgh experience (even subtly) into the structure of the building, the Oaklander has become a truly Only in Pittsburgh Experience. This hotel has created a beautiful, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere for any visitor that will be remembered for years. 

This blog post is sponsored by The Oaklander Hotel.