Tour the 'Burgh

Tour the 'Burgh

Here are a few unique ways to get a great sense of the city.

There are so many amazing ways to immerse yourself in Pittsburgh. If you like to be active and walk, bike, or run, we've got the tours for you. If cruising, boating, or riding a bus is more your speed, we have you covered too. If you're a Pittsburgher, experience your city in a new way and if you're a visitor, go on a tour you will never forget! Here are a few of our favorite ways to see the city. 

Bike (or Walk!) The 'Burgh Tours

Bike the 'Burgh specializes in multiple tour themes, including a Hollywood of the East tour. The tours are all levels (no Pittsburgh hills involved) and you can bring your own or bike or use one of theirs. Bike the 'Burgh is located at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. The cost of tours vary and for more information or to schedule visit their website.

A sister tour, Walk the 'Burgh, is perfect if you aren't a cyclist but want to see Pittsburgh. Walk the 'Burgh offers the same routes and tours with additional ones including a public art tour. With Walk the 'Burgh you also get to tour some of the insides of buildings for a unique experience.

'Burgh Bits and Bites Food Tour

With seven different neighborhood food and walking tours to work your way through, 'Burgh Bits and Bites will keep your feet and stomach occupied for a while. Sylvia, the owner, is on a mission to connect people to communities through food. Whether you explore the Strip District, Southside, Lawrenceville, or Bloomfield, the specialized walking tours highlight Pittsburgh's best bits and tastiest bites.

Gateway Clipper Sightseeing Cruises

The Gateway Clipper has so many options. Dining, sightseeing, and themed cruises ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Their one-hour Three Rivers Sightseeing Cruises have been updated to include new narrations, including "Fun, Interesting & (even a little) Strange Pittsburgh". To learn more about the Gateway Clipper, check our our Insider's Guide

Segway Tour

A more futuristic way to tour Pittsburgh is by way of Segway. There are a few Segway Pittsburgh tours including one of Acrisure Stadium, and one of Pittsburgh at nighttime. If you've never ridden a Segway before, don't let that stop you. Everyone watches a safety video and receives other training before you get on the Segway. Segway Pittsburgh is located at Station Square, and ensures a safe ane memorable experience!