Stay Well in Pittsburgh - at Home!

You don't have to go far to work up a sweat.

Now is as good a time as any to exercise your mind and body. With these at-home workout resources, posts and live videos, you can support Pittsburgh businesses and stay healthy from the comfort of your home.

Cardio, Boot Camps & Specialty Classes


Yoga & Meditation

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Teacher Tip Tuesday! The tricep kickback: Hinge from your hips making sure your back is flat not hunched. Start with your wrists in line with your hips and elbows at a 90 degree angle. Exhale and slowly straighten your elbows, engaging your tricep muscles until fully extended. Inhale and slowly return your arms back to the starting position. Make sure your head always stays right in line with your neck. Now add some pulses, bend stretches and hugs into your midline to really #enduretheburn Let’s get after tonight. Three chances to shape and sculpt those triceps this evening. 4:30pm Pilates 5:30pm TRX Barre 6:30pm Endurance Barre #barre #trx #pilates #bootcamp #community #teachertiptuesday #fitness #fittsburgh #pittsburgh #believeinthepowerofyou

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Pilates & Barre

Mental and physical wellness are always important, and thanks to these local businesses you don't have to stop caring for yourself even if you don't leave the house. 

Don't forget - if you enjoy these videos and want to support any of the local gyms or studios listed above, consider purchasing a gift card for yourself or a loved one to use at a later date.

Check out our CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATES page for more information. Stay well!