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The Ultimate Pittsburgh x Taylor Swift Scavenger Hunt

The Ultimate Pittsburgh x Taylor Swift Scavenger Hunt

Meet Me at Midnight (in Pittsburgh for a Swiftie Scavenger Hunt)

Taylor Swift is notorious for leaving hidden messages (i.e. “Easter Eggs”) in her songs, social media posts, interviews and even the clothes she wears. We created a Taylor Swift themed Pittsburgh scavenger hunt that only the ultimate Swifties will be able to complete.

…Ready For It? 

How to Play

Explore Pittsburgh… er should we say Swiftburgh (call it what you want) through this scavenger hunt to uncover some of the city’s most iconic eras. Be sure to tag as on social media so we can celebrate with you!

Need help solving each clue? Slide the image under each Stop to reveal the answer.

Stop 1

First, let’s fuel up before you run all over the city. This staple Pittsburgh restaurant puts fries on their sandwiches, weird but f*king beautiful.

Stop 2

Time to walk off that lunch! This local icon has a statue along the Allegheny River with his cardigan and said music was his favorite. 

Stop 3

This Pittsburgh transportation can be seen from Point State Park and is burning red

Stop 4

Karma takes all your friends to the summit. (For gorgeous scenic views of Pittsburgh!)

Stop 5

Andrew Carnegie wants you to know your next stop has a bejeweled exhibit that makes the whole place shimmer. 

Stop 6

Romeo take me to the spot in the Cultural District that dazzles in blinking lights when Juliet takes the stage.

Stop 7

They’ve got a blank space baby, to write your name. (And send it to space!)

Stop 8

Ready to shake it off? We all know the best places know shade never made anybody less gay, so stop by this Shadyside bar on Sunday-Funday for a Ladies Who Drag Brunch before you head out of town!

Stop 9

They say all's well that ends well, but every time we taste the craft beer at this taproom in the Strip District, you double-cross our mind.

Stop 10

This museum is the best place to see Pittsburgh’s past frozen behind glass.

Stop 11

We think it’s time for a cocktail that will leave you in a lavender haze. 

Hint: Their other popular drink’s cage isn’t mental, and certainly has potential. 


And for your last clue: When you realized I'm harder to forget, than I was to leave, I bet you think about me.

Hint: This isn’t a physical location, but I bet you passed by a lot of them on your hunt!