Pittsburgh Steelers Season Opener

Get aht yer Terrible Towels because it's Stillers season!

There's no denying that Pittsburgh has a legacy of athletic championship, it's why we're called the City of Champions. Looking to add to the legacy, the quest for Super Bowl #7 kicks off with the season-opener against the Washington Red Skins on September 12 and then heats up with the home-opener on September 18 against rival team, the Cincinnati Bengals, an intense rivalry that reached a tipping point during last season's playoffs.

Love them or hate them (it seems there's no opinion in between), the Pittsburgh Steelers are a part of Pittsburgh culture. On any given day, you'll find fans donning black and gold everywhere from a crowded South Side bar to a family dinner in the Strip District. You'll likely encounter a few fans while you're here but don't worry, Steelers fans are friendly, passionate, and always up for an argument about football.

In honor of a pending 7th Super Bowl ring, check out these seven facts about Steelers culture:

  • Created by Steelers radio broadcaster, Myron Cope in 1975, the Terrible Towel is easily one of the most recognized symbols in the NFL and waving it during games has become a revered tradition.
Fans Waving Terrible Towels
  • At the conclusion of the third quarter, the song Renegade resonates throughout Heinz Field. Playing the song is a tradition that's equally important for fans as it is for players and represents Pittsburgh's defensive strength in the fourth quarter. Jerome Bettis recently attested to the tradition's importance.
  • Steelers fans and rivals alike love the FedEx Great Hall inside Heinz Field; it's basically a shrine to the greatest moments in football history.
  • In Pittsburgh, Big Ben is a quarterback, not a clock.
Photo Credit: Dave DiCello
  • Steelers aren't just inventive in their get-up, we also like to give incredible moments in football nicknames like The Immaculate Reception, The Steel Curtain, and, most recently in honor of six Super Bowl Championships, Sixburgh.
  • While it's widely known that the Steelers are named for Pittsburgh's rich steel history, few recognize the meaning behind the logo. Each of the hypocycloids represent one of the three materials used to make steel. Yellow represents coal, red is for iron ore, and steel scrape is illustrated with blue.
  • During games, you'll hear fans chanting "Here We Go, Steelers!" While it seems like a simple chant, there's some history behind this one too. Here We Go, originally written by Rodger Wood and recorded in 1994, was and still is intended as a Steelers fight song. Having sold more than 120,000 copies of the original, Here We Go is now regularly updated to mention current players' names and has become an anthem for the team during playoffs.
Heinz Field
  • Whether you're visiting for a game or just happen to be around the city during football season, you're sure to enjoy the unique Steelers atmosphere. To get a full taste of the football culture here in the 'Burgh, I encourage you head to Heinz Field for a game or at least visit Stage AE for a free tailgate open before, during, and after home games. Plus, you can sign up for Steelers Nation Unites to earn exclusive rewards near and far from Pittsburgh.

Here We Go Steelers!