Pittsburgh is Picklesburgh!

We're quickly approaching wintertime here in the Steel City, and I don't know about you, but I'm ready to trade in the cold and snow for a little heat and sun!

When I was thinking about some of my favorite summertime events here in Pittsburgh, the "Picklesburgh" Festival immediately came to mind. It's only 6 months away! Man, I could use a good, briny, sun-kissed pickle right about now!

So, you may be wondering - "What exactly IS Picklesburgh?" Well, my friend, I'm glad you asked. Picklesburgh is a dill-icious weekend in Downtown Pittsburgh where the Rachel Carson Bridge transforms into pickle central. Headlined by a giant flying Heinz pickle balloon, the Picklesburgh festival is a true culinary celebration. Why pickles? Well, you may be suprised to know that Pittsburgh has a wonderful pickle history and enjoyes celebrating the current pickle nostalgia

So, What's the Big Dill? 

Pickles are, obviously, the highlight of the event, but the celebration goes beyond our vinegar-ed friends. It also includes an array of international dishes, prepared foods, and artisan cocktails that feature pickled ingredients. Picklesburgh embraces the farm-to-table movement in Pittsburgh with events during the festival centered around home canning, handcrafted food, informative and interactive food demos, as well as author lectures.

Picklesburgh Festival on the Rachel Carson Bridge

You can also use Picklesburgh as a reason to shop small and shop local! Many of the vendor booths include goods for sale such as pickled items, books, pickle merchandise and do-it-yourself products. In fact, my coworker Christine is obsessed with pickles and generally makes her own, but even she can't resist the "Dill Mill" pickles from local company Pittsburgh Pickle Co. You should also try their "Pittsburgh Style" and "Fire and Smoke"- all unique and delicious. Taste testing and finding your new favorites is a great reason to visit Picklesburgh. 

Of course any festival needs entertainment, and Picklesburgh is no exception. A wide selection of local musicians versed in a variety of musical stylings will grace the stage with the Downtown Pittsburgh skyline as the backdrop. There is also a pickle juice drinking contest...which definitely proves to be entertaining!  

So if you're like me and already planning the fun this summer will hold, make sure to include Picklesburgh in your list. It's for everyone - the pickle fanatics and the pickle curious. Take a minute to watch our quick video for more great information about how to enjoy Picklesburgh this summer. You won't want to miss the fun facts such as the story of the Heinz pickle pin!