Insider's Guide to Pittsburgh Drag Shows

Insider's Guide to Pittsburgh Drag Shows

It's loud. It'll make you lose your voice. And it'll leave the most passionate fans in tears. No, I'm not talking about the latest high profile rock concert coming to town. Instead, this blog is a deep dive into Pittsburgh's drag scene and where you can find drag shows throughout the city.

To better understand the scene, I sat down with Luna Skye and Indi Skies, two drag queens firmly on their throne right now as they produce large-scale drag events throughout the city with their company, S&S Productions.

Seizing Their Opportunity

Laid off during the pandemic, Luna Skye instead focused on what was then their side hustle: doing drag shows at a local gay bar. Indi Skies was working at the same place as a bartender, and both were hopeful about Trace Brewing opening up nearby.

A few conversations and their first drag event at Trace later, the lightbulb moment happened. The two quickly formed S&S Productions and started to make a name for themselves throughout the tri-state area, focusing on high production values and tons of entertainment.

Cut to 2023, and Skye and Skies' drag events draw soldout crowds and can be found at heavy hitter Pittsburgh businesses like Aslin Beer Co., Inner Groove, Primanti Brothers, McFadden's, Burgh'ers Brewing and even the Holiday Market Downtown.

What's the Appeal of Drag Shows?

"Drag is a powerful tool for joy"

Community. I can write 1,000 words after this, but the secret sauce that makes drag such a draw is really very simple. Just as thousands of sports fans gather to cheer their home team, drag events give people in the LGBTQIA+ community a place to gather, spread positivity and act as a support system to foster belongness.

"Drag has always been about community," said Skies. "My sight has always been my legacy and what I can impart on others, and I love to see the uplift in the Pittsburgh community from that passion and drive. Drag is a powerful tool for joy."

What Should I Expect at My First Drag Show?

Drag shows can take many different forms, and performers themselves range from drag queens and kings to impersonators, entertainers, singers and showgirls. Regardless of what type of show you attend, you can expect a party atmosphere with big wigs, giant costumes, great music and energetic performances!

"Expect to be shook and have the best time of your life," said Skye. "You'll leave feeling loved and accepted, and enjoy the environment more than anything."

Skye also shared the four goals for you at every drag show:

  1. Get drunk
  2. Spend your money
  3. Have a good time
  4. Lose your voice

As this sounds like the same criteria that I judge most events by, I think it's easy to see why drag shows are so in-demand in Pittsburgh. Have fun and go wild, but be respectful; they are royalty, after all!

The Power of Pittsburgh

Both Skye and Skies noted that their success has a lot to do with the city itself. They compared Pittsburgh favorably to the most progressive cities along the West Coast and appreciated how inviting the city has been to the drag community, allowing it to flourish.

Pittsburgh is known as a neighborly, friendly city, but I have it easier as a straight white guy. So, it's empowering to know that members of the LGBTQIA+ community feel and are treated the same way.

Challenges Ahead

I'd be remiss in writing this blog if I didn't mention the increased targeting of LGBTQIA+ community members in other parts of the country, specifically legislation barring drag shows and endangering trans people. Skies stressed to me that their community needs all of our support more than ever right now, and I hope through blogs like this and my public support of the drag and LGBTQIA+ communities, I am doing my small part in this fight.

I think Skye said it much better than I can put into words, so I'll quote them directly here: "Queer people have always been here. We're someone's siblings, children and partners. We're all here to live, we're here to stay and we're not going anywhere."


Trace Brewing | Drag Brunch

Every Second Sunday at 11 a.m.

Snag a ticket for a table early, because this spotlight event is what put S&S Productions on the map. Skye, Skies and special guests provide the entertainment, food trucks bring brunch and Trace brings the suds.

Aslin Beer Co. | Drag Brunch

Newly opened Aslin Beer Co. in the Strip District Terminal is already making waves for their great beer and even better events. Look for monthly drag brunch events full of glitter, glam and performances unlike anywhere else. Hosted by S&S Productions mentioned in this article.

City Winery | The Real Drag Brunch of Pittsburgh

Lola LeCroix is bringing you the newest monthly drag event in Pittsburgh at City Winery Pittsburgh in the Strip District. Watch these fabulous queens grace the stage at one of the city's hottest venues. Brunch and full bar service available before and during the show.

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5801 | The Ladies Who Drag Brunch

Sunday Funday hits the 5801 every Sunday with a free drag show starting at noon along with specialty brunch cocktails, a full bar and rotating brunch menu.

P Town Bar | Manic Monday Drag Show & Funtucked Fridays

You can catch great drag performances each week at P Town! Their Manic Mondays drag show will brighten the hardest day of the week for anyone, or catch Fantucked Fridays starting in May to view RuPaul's Drag Race, test your skills in pop culture trivia and then cheer for the Friday Night Fever drag show.

Blue Moon | Multiple Events

Consistently ranked as one of the top gay bars, Blue Moon has a variety of drag events throughout the week. Bring plenty of ones for Open Stage every Wednesday, T&A Thursdays and different themed drag show every Saturday night.

Brewer's Bar Pittsburgh | Drag Shows

Pittsburgh's oldest standing gay bar hosts energetic drag shows for free every Friday and Saturday. Check their Facebook page for full lists of performers.


While there may not be drag events here every month, keep an eye on their event calendars and Facebook pages and find special drag events throughout the year at:

Did I miss a drag event? Want yours added to the list? Reach out to me!