In the 1950s, the Pittsburgh Convention Bureau, Inc. changed its name to Pittsburgh Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.

The late 1950s also saw the creation of the first Bureau logo—an illustration of the City as seen from the Point.

"This is the New Pittsburgh" was an economic development brochure published in 1958. It provided the history of the Bureau since the Great Flood of ''36 ("It started with Flood, Smoke Control"). Inside was a map with points of interest, major office buildings, churches, hotels, theaters, terminals, department stores and parking garages. This document also had things to see and do: "Pittsburgh Welcomes You," "Early History," and "Workshop of the World." There was also a section of facts about Pittsburgh.

"This is the New Pittsburgh" brochure:

With so much happening for the Pittsburgh Convention & Visitors Bureau, it''s amazing that the organization only had four staff members: Charles Shafer (Executive Vice President), John Johnson (Sales), Jane Walsh (Office Manager) and a Secretary.

Other Important Events in the 1950s

  • 1950: The Aluminum Corporation of America (ALCOA) opened its headquarters, made of aluminum, at 425 Sixth Avenue. It later became the Regional Enterprise Tower when ALCOA donated it to regional non-profits in 1999. Today, the Regional Enterprise Tower is home to VisitPittsburgh.
  • 1953: Dr. Jonas Salk tested his polio vaccine on 90 volunteers.
  • 1958: On May 17 of this year the Gateway Clipper sailed from the Monongahela Wharf with the local YMCA aboard, the first chartered pleasure cruise on the three rivers.
  • 1945: The Three Rivers Arts Festival was founded by the Women''s Committee of the Carnegie Museum of Art in cooperation with a cross section of Pittsburgh business and cultural leaders.
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