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Positive Impact of Tourism

Tourism is a major economic driver. Discover how tourism helps Pittsburgh residents and businesses.

Tourism Pays

Travel and tourism is one of the largest industries in Allegheny County - and it's growing. With additional hotels under construction and in development, the number of jobs will continue to increase.

Consider this:

  • Visitor spending in Allegheny County amounted to $6.1 billion in 2017. 
  • State and local tax revenue generated by visitors to Allegheny is estimated at $383 million - which translates to each Allegheny County household saving $715 a year on taxes.
  • More than 42,000 jobs in Allegheny County are directly supported by this industry.

The Breakdown

There are more than 12 million overnight trips to the Greater Pittsburgh region every year. In Allegheny County, visitor spending contributes to $6.1 billion in new dollars to the economy. How does that translate? 

Data Source: PA State Tourism Office, "The Economic Impact of Travel in Pennsylvania" for calendar year 2017, released in April 2019

For more information on the importance of travel and tourism to Pennsylvania's economy, go to

VisitPittsburgh is the official tourism promotion agency for Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. We are dedicated to bringing conventions, trade shows and leisure travelers to the Pittsburgh region.

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