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Welcome to Pittsburgh! What do you want to do first? Not sure yet? Well what about plans for tomorrow? …Well you still have time to decide… Where are you staying? You haven't booked a hotel yet?!?!

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​Thinking of a move? Once you visit Pittsburgh, you'll want to stay.

Pittsburgh's affordable standard of living, great health care facilities and things to do make it the #1 Most Livable City in America. View Pittsburgh's Ranking to see just a hand full of the reasons it was voted #1. Whether you're building your career, raising a family or enjoying your retirement, Pittsburgh is a great place to call home. Our home improvement, cleanliness, and brain power rank among the best.  Friendly neighborhoods and our passion to look to the future are just some of the reasons why so many love to call Pittsburgh home.

What makes Pittsburgh #1? Some love the history and heritage of the place. For others, it's the possibilities-the future of our growing technology, research and robotics industries. Still others are attracted to the area''s diverse landscapes-the rivers and valleys, hills and vistas. And many continue to be amazed by the people-their work ethic and ingenuity, friendliness and hometown pride.

All agree that Pittsburgh is one of the country's best-kept secrets-a mid-sized city with an affordable cost of living, world-class educational institutions and vibrant performing arts.

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