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Government Agencies

Find links for Pittsburgh government agencies including Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Tourism and City of Pittsburgh.

Allegheny County

Official Allegheny County website containing comprehensive information on local government, community services, forms and applications, tax and business information, and job postings.

City of Pittsburgh

Official City of Pittsburgh Web site containing comprehensive information on city services, Boards and Commissions, tax forms and other city documents, as well as community and visitor services and information for local businesses.

State of Pennsylvania

Official Web site of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania containing links to state agencies, and information and services about business, government, and living and working in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Tourism Office is an official tourism Web site for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The layout and design of is the result of a collaborative effort between the Pennsylvania Tourism Office of the Department of Community and Economic Development and its interactive agency, in cooperation with related agencies and organizations that have provided input in the form of content and suggestions.

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